How to decorate a pie?

How to decorate a pie?

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The pies, pies or pies are easy to make and infinitely available. In the savory version, they constitute a unique dish perfect for a family friendly moment or a picnic without fuss. In sweet version, they punctuate the meal and are the object of all the attention in the center of the table. With a little patience and imagination, you can make unique "works"!


In the case of mini tarts or bites, whether sweet or savory, the decor can even replace the edge of the pie. Here, for example, the cookie cut flowers hold the apple filling of the sweet snack.

A basketry decor

Called Linzer pie in Austria or crostata in Italy, this classic braided pie is easy to make. It is made by cutting strips of dough and interlacing them as for a basketry. By passing each strip under, then over the frame, we create a very nice graphic pattern. Consider varying the widths or alternating smooth edges and serrated edges using a fluted roller to cut the dough.

Once you understand the technique, it's very simple

Vary the reasons

To decorate the top of your pies and pies, use your cookie cutters. You can adapt the shapes according to the content of the pie or according to the occasion, for example by creating cutouts in the shape of stars at Christmas, of bell at Easter… Small subjects are more versatile, and cutters for dough are great for creating delicate patterns, but you can just as easily use a simple knife to create your own decorations.

We like leaf patterns

Play with complementary patterns

To vary the effects with the same shape, use both the dough decor cut out with a cookie cutter and the piece of "hollowed out" dough. The latter can especially be used to cover a meat pie, the hole used to let steam escape during cooking.

Nothing is lost !

A tidy tart

Just by placing the fruit harmoniously on a pie, you can achieve very nice effects. Concentric circles, roses in strips of apple or pear, geometric patterns ... let your imagination guide you!

Storage is magic, even on pies

3D effect

Who said that the "lid" of a pie should be flat? Do not hesitate to superimpose the patterns to create a 3-dimensional decor or to create different levels with the dough, your magpie will only be more spectacular!

We will only see her in the pie dish

Make braids

You just have to cut thin strips of dough with a knife or a roller and then braid them in groups of 3 or 4 to form mats. Avoid pulling the dough too much so as not to break it, and make sure that your braid is flat for a prettier result. The braided strip obtained can be used to create the border of your pie or in a basket weaving type braiding instead of a simple strip of dough.

The elegance of braids

Cover to better discover

Playing with the surface of the pie is also choosing to show more or less what is hidden under the dough. You can keep the mystery until the time of cutting, or on the contrary reveal the filling. These nuances are also important from a taste point of view: the longer the cooking, the more the filling is likely to dry, and the more a "cover" of covering dough will be useful to keep the ingredients their flavor and softness.

A "cover" for a more gourmet pie

Long live the mix of genres!

For this spectacular beef and curry pie, various techniques have been mixed. The die-cut cutouts complement simple flat braids with three strands for a sophisticated result that will be suitable for special occasions. Do not hesitate to mix the patterns to create unique dishes, the smallest quiche or the simplest pie will take on a festive air!

Be creative!