How to arrange a winter garden?

How to arrange a winter garden?

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1. Stylish and comfortable seats

The winter Garden is a piece that calls for contemplation, tranquility, rest and relaxation. So, to arrange a winter garden in the rules of the art, the first thing to do is to invest in seats that are both aesthetic and comfortable, just to always be able to find a place where you can sit comfortably. This can for example be:

  • Rattan armchairs, a soft and warm natural material, almost essential in winter gardens!
  • Leather beanbags, which provide extra seating full of character, ideal when friends come to take a seat in your winter garden.
  • A wooden or wrought iron meridian: a piece of furniture that could not be more practical for reading, taking a nap, or enjoying a hot drink quietly lying down!

Obviously, these seats, as aesthetic as they are practical, are to be completed with at least one or two coffee tables on which you can put whatever you want!

2. Warm accessories to complete the cocooning atmosphere

For set up a winter garden like a warm and soft little cocoon, you will need to think about supplementing your seating with decorative accessories that will make the whole even more comfortable and pleasant. To do this, place:

  • With cushions, essential to both provide a decorative touch and make your moments of relaxation in your armchairs even better. In a winter garden, embroidered or faux fur cushions are particularly recommended.
  • In plaids, perfect accessories to bring style to an armchair when you are not there… and warmth when you slip under it. In mesh, velvet, fur: all tastes are allowed!
  • Carpets, particularly of Berber inspiration, which always know how to find their place outdoors. Installed on the ground in your winter garden, they will bring an exotic dimension, and will allow you to walk barefoot without problem!

3. Soft, soft lighting

Developing a winter garden is not limited to finding pretty decorative objects and accessories: you must also think about the lighting of the latter. And as the winter garden is a room in which we take refuge to be calm, relax, relax, read or take a little nap, there is no question of investing in too aggressive direct lighting like a ceiling lamp with light bulbs white!

No no, to stay in softness and warmth, rather opt for soft and light lighting:

  • Candles placed in lanterns or tealight holders; for a cozy and cocooning atmosphere, there is nothing better!
  • Garlands of small bulbs to bring cheerfulness and light to the room with ease.
  • Floor lamps or table lamps for softer indirect lighting.
  • Suspensions with lampshades (in wood, smoked glass, etc.) just to dim the light as much as possible.

4. Plants for the plant side

Who says winter garden says plants! Indeed, these are ideal for bringing color (green!) And life to this room. So no question of landscaping your winter garden without thinking of planning at least a few plants, whether large potted plants that you will place on the ground, or small plants that you can place on a pedestal table or in a metal mini-greenhouse for example.