8 trendy rugs for your interior

8 trendy rugs for your interior

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The flagship accessory to finalize an interior decoration? The carpet ! It compartmentalizes spaces, colors, brings warmth and revamps the living room, bedroom or bathroom. Round or rectangular, plain or patterned, bohemian or graphic ... The rug is available in all shapes and colors to bring a trendy touch to our home!

1. Sheepskin

To make you want to cocoon and curl up on the couch, we couldn't have done better. To get out of bed without (too much) difficulty, same thing. And in the children's room, it's perfect! True or false, the sheepskin rug offers a cozy atmosphere from the bedroom to the living room, from the office to the games room. And in addition, it is trendy, right in the Scandinavian spirit.

2. The Berber carpet

It's hard to be more trendy than him. The Berber carpet is THE must-have of the moment: an artisanal carpet with geometric patterns made by hand (for real ones ...) whose imperfections are charming. And because a handmade piece of art costs its price, there are also much more accessible Berber-inspired rugs.

3. The bohemian round rug

To add a folk note to the decor, it's him: round, small and patterned, the bohemian rug combines fringes and designs for an original atmosphere. With its small size, it fits easily under a coffee table or a pedestal table, and can complement other more traditional rugs ... or be used in accumulation for a daring decoration!

4. The rush carpet

A desire for nature in the house? Nothing like a plant carpet for an authentic atmosphere. The rush is one of the trendy natural materials of the moment: it is sown from the living room to the bathroom, slipped under the coffee table or placed in front of the sink. And if it is less soft under the feet, it resists everything. The icing on the carpet, in the round, it's hot!

5. The graphic carpet

With pastel colors, it is part of the Scandinavian trend. In more contrasting hues, it brings a touch of modernity. In all cases, the geometric patterned carpet gives rhythm to the decor of a child's room as an adult, a living room or a dining room. It is even perfect in the office!

6. The shaggy rug

It is called shaggy, you may call it toupee. The shaggy carpet is this carpet with long pile, hellish to clean but ultra soft and comfortable. It is divine under bare feet, children love to roll there, and some adults too, for that matter. Result? Round, square or rectangle, bright or soft in color, we are happy to adopt it for a cozy living room or a cozy bedroom.

7. Kitchen rugs

We do not say that they are necessarily practical, but they are trendy and irresistibly decorative. Especially since they keep the feet warm during dishes or peeling vegetables. The kitchen rugs, we choose them small, ethnic or bohemian and preferably in length, to emphasize the work plan or the island. And if possible, washable or patterned to hide the stains!

8. The bamboo mat

We add an exotic touch to the decor with a tatami-style bamboo rug. It is durable, easy to maintain, used in Japan for centuries and now available in a long list of styles and colors. Especially with its linked or woven blades with a soft texture, it changes classic pile carpets!