3 reasons for argument with your neighbors

3 reasons for argument with your neighbors

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Drill noise, noise at night, barbecue smoke or gardening? Find out what are the most common reasons for disputes between neighbors ... After the neighbors 'party, make way for the neighbors' war!

1 / Noise: champion of the reasons for argument between neighbors

The creaking parquet floor, the slamming doors, the children's balls bouncing off the tiles, the barking dog, the volume of the TV set fully and the neighbor, determined to mow his grass on Sunday morning at 7am sharp… Noise may rhythm the life of the neighborhood, it nevertheless remains at the origin of the majority of conflicts between neighbors. No need to come to blows, however. The rules of the condominium, guaranteeing the tranquility of the community defines the time slots reserved for the use of household appliances ... For the baby who does not sleep through the night or the teenager passionate about batteries, you still have earplugs … Or the acoustic insulation of the walls!

What if you agreed on a time slot to pass the mower at the same time as your neighbors?

2 / Night noise: noise… even at night!

The life between neighbors often resembles the HLM of Renaud's song ... "On the second, in my HLM, there is a bunch of lighted people, who live six or eight, in sixty square meters, there is all the time music "… A veritable scourge of community life, neighbors who party until noon electrify neighborhood conflicts. Before arriving at "Isn't that noise over soon?" "There are some who want to sleep" "If it continues, I call the police", the good gesture consists in favoring diplomacy. And because this neighbor party animal may be you, remember to warn the immediate neighborhood before THE big party. The opportunity (why not) to invite Robert, the neighbor of the second to come and have a drink…

What if you invite your neighbors to your next party? Between neighbors, the party is crazier!

3 / These trees that shade ... the neighbors!

Spring marks the return of sunny days and with them the desire to enjoy the joy of lunches on the terrace. But when leaving the garden furniture, it is the drama! The sun has disappeared behind ... the neighbor's tree! If the temptation is great to throw yourself on the culprit (the tree, not the neighbor), chainsaw in hand, it is better to first courteously present the facts to your neighbor. The latter, in fact, is required to plant and prune his trees so as to respect the height and regulatory separation. Over here the sun!

It can provide shade but the vegetation remains ideal for protecting yourself from being overlooked!

4 / Barbecue smoke: disputes between neighbors on the menu

After the shaded terrace, make way for the smoky terrace! Barbecue smoke and smells of grilling often sign the limits of "good neighborliness" ... Rather than trying to redirect the direction of the wind, courteously remind your neighbors of the legal distance that must separate the barbecue from the adjoining fence. This is not defined by Google but by the municipal decree of your municipality (or by the co-ownership). Inquire!

If your neighbor is a vegetarian, he may not really enjoy your barbecue!