Arranging an entrance: the 3 golden rules

Arranging an entrance: the 3 golden rules

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Whether gigantic, cramped or in the hallway, the entrance must be practical and welcoming. Number one passageway in the house, it is sometimes difficult to arrange it in a pragmatic way, while facilitating the comings and goings of each member of the family. Here are 3 significant points to give your entry all the credit it deserves.

1- A multitude of storage spaces for a practical entry

The very first element of a self-respecting entry: storage space. And know that there will never be enough! First of all, make a large sorting in the entrance, then choose different storage modules for a perfectly organized space. Between the shelves, cupboards and console with drawers, choose a single large storage unit so as not to overload the very first room in the house. Have two criteria in mind when choosing it: its aesthetics and its storage capacity. Then add small modules that are easy to move, adaptable, stackable and space-saving, such as lockers or wicker baskets, natural or colored, depending on the tone you want to give to the room.

You will be happy to find your coats and shoes in your hall!

2- Coat hooks for a welcoming entrance

Installing coat hooks, or a coat rack, is an unchanging golden rule for a practical and welcoming entry. Modular or fixed, vintage or contemporary, mottled or minimalist, whatever the style of your coat hooks: you can even combine them! And besides, why not make your own hooks yourself? Remember to fix them at different heights so that the entrance is suitable for the size of all family members. The plus of the coat hooks: they allow hanging coats and bags in height, and therefore clearing the ground for a tidy and space-saving effect.

Multicolored coat hooks or a tipi coat rack for a stylish entrance!

3- The essential accessories to arrange the entrance

Beyond the color of the walls, which sets the tone when entering the house, and which is therefore not to be overlooked, certain accessories prove to be essential: mirrors and seats. On the side of the mirror, choose either a standing model to place on the floor, or several pieces of varying sizes to hang on the wall for a gallery effect. Beyond its decorative aspect and its ability to enlarge the space, having a mirror in the entrance will allow you to take a last look in the mirror before leaving. On the seat side, install an armchair which will be very useful for taking off your shoes easily or for dressing the little ones. If you have a large family, a bench, wooden or industrial, will be even more pragmatic, and the most beautiful effect. Tip: there are benches on the market with integrated storage boxes. A practical and multifunctional piece of furniture! We will not refuse a little more storage space.

A full-length mirror for a last look, a bench to put on: you need them in the entrance!