Chinese New Year: 8 decorative accessories to keep all year round

Chinese New Year: 8 decorative accessories to keep all year round

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February 5, 2019 is Chinese New Year! Across China, millions of families will celebrate the Year of the Pig and the imminent return of sunny days. And if at home, we joined the party by organizing a beautiful Asian dinner? But instead of ruining yourself in decoration as kitsch as ephemeral, we take the opportunity to invest in some exotic and poetic decorative accessories that we will enjoy using throughout the year.

Bowls and Chinese porcelain

To serve soup, tea, spring rolls or stir-fried noodles, Chinese dishes are perfect for bringing an exotic touch to the table. If you want to avoid getting bored of it too quickly, you choose it in white and blue porcelain, with delicate and discreet patterns. Available in all Chinese import stores, the so-called "rice grain" tableware has typical small translucent oval patterns, for just a few euros. Otherwise many brands offer dishes of Asian inspiration adapted to our Western tastes. So, we fall for ceramic bowls, cups and tablespoons ... and for the recipes, it's here!

Chic and sober

Chopsticks for the whole family

If you are one of those who systematically use the disposable chopsticks provided by your Chinese caterer, know that they represent a real ecological disaster and that the first thing to do to limit your waste is to refuse them. Instead, we invest a few euros in beautiful Chinese wands, which will make all the difference when we eat!

We love children's learning sticks

Bamboo baskets for steaming

Decorative, easy to use and ultra-healthy, bamboo steam baskets are all good. Just heat a pan of hot water and place each ingredient in a different basket. Then we superimpose them, we close them, and presto, in a few minutes here is a magnificent steaming dish, which can even be presented directly at the table. And it works for any recipe, and even for frozen dishes.

Indispensable for healthy cooking

Poetic Chinese lanterns

On the decor side, the idea is to tap into the culture and imagination of China to keep only what really corresponds to our sensitivity. Those who are not fans of dragons, red and black patterns and XXL calligraphy can for example make really poetic lanterns and lanterns in the colors of their choice. We love !

Paper carp and dragons

With children, there are also many alternatives for tinkering with objects typical of Chinese culture without necessarily making roaring dragons or caricatures of Asians from another century. We can for example make Chinese carp out of paper, panda masks with cardboard plates, Chinese tambourines, fans or parasols! Traditional paper carps, to decorate children's rooms all year round

A lucky cat

Do you know the maneki-neko? It is this little cat that cuckoos paw that we see enthroned in the windows of most Asian stores. Considered a lucky charm in Japan, it has conquered the Chinese, so much so that Feng Shui lovers place it everywhere in their homes to attract luck. Some irresistible models of humor are perfect for decorating children's rooms and bringing a little humor into the decor!

A lucky charm that brings joy

Paper "lucky cookies"

In almost every Chinese restaurant on the planet, fortune cookies predict the future with a maxim or a thought written on a strip of paper. It's up to everyone to choose their cookie as best as possible before meditating on their more or less understandable quote. For the Chinese New Year as for any other event of the year, we draw inspiration from this tradition by making fake cookies from colored paper to create animation during coffee or aperitif… The mode job in english, is here

Tradition revisited in decoration mode!

Lotuses and bamboos

Finally, on the plant side, we bring to its interior the grace and poetry of Chinese prints by cultivating lotuses in a bowl on its balcony and lucky bamboos throughout the house. In the garden, we are inspired by China by planting a hedge of bamboo and peonies… and we raise a couple of carp in its pond! Happy New Year of the Dog!

I want lotus flowers at home!