5 tips for detaching stained linen

5 tips for detaching stained linen

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Here are 5 tips to find the color of your laundry!

5 tips for catching clothes that have rubbed off

  • Act quickly in case of stained laundry
  • Bleach or vinegar for white laundry!
  • Soda crystals for colored clothes
  • Remove color on rubbed cloth with bay leaf infusion
  • Remove small spots with baking soda

1. Act quickly

First reflex, if a garment comes out discolored from the washing machine, separate it from the others, to prevent it from continuing to disgorge and do more damage. Then do not put it in the dryer. We act before the garment is dry so that the color transfer is recoverable. We also avoid rewashing it immediately. Better to detach it before. For the next time, if you have a doubt about a new item of clothing, think of anti-discoloration wipes which attract accidentally dyes emitted in the machine and avoid the misadventure of discoloration.

2. If the laundry is white: bleach or vinegar!

Two solutions for your stained white clothes: soak your laundry in bleach or vinegar. Here is the instructions:

  • place your clothes in a large bowl
  • pour 250 ml of white vinegar or 60 ml of bleach (for the latter, check beforehand the label of the garment!)
  • add 4 liters of cold water
  • leave on for around thirty minutes, stirring regularly with a spatula
  • as soon as the color changes, rinse with cold water
  • finally put it in the washing machine

Please note: bleach is only used on white clothing that has been colored. Think of do a test on a corner of your laundry beforehand, to see if it is conclusive. If you prefer to do it directly in the machine, mix a cup of bleach with a dose of detergent and wash at the temperature prescribed on the garment. You can also test a commercially available bleaching product by mixing it with water (see the directions on the package). Be careful to use it only on white clothes under penalty of permanently discolouring your laundry!

3. Soda crystals for clothes stained by mistake

Excellent allies of the household, soda crystals are a good alternative to White vinegar. To recover a faded linen, add 50 g of soda ash with cold water, mix and place the garment in the basin. Ideally, soak for two days, stirring occasionally. Then, machine wash.

4. Remove a color from a rubbed cloth with a laurel infusion

Here's a great grandmother tip: the laurel is a 100% natural stain remover. We suggest that you use it especially for the delicate laundry (lingerie, embroidery or clothes adorned with pearls or sequins), if it supports hot water. How to do ?

  • bring water to a boil
  • infuse a dozen bay leaves for 15 minutes
  • remove the leaves and place the laundry in the water until it cools
  • machine wash following the program recommended on the garment.

5. Remove small spots with baking soda

Sometimes the laundry is stained only in certain places: in this case, baking soda can be very useful:

  • sprinkle the baking soda stain
  • moisten a small nail brush in warm water and gently rub the stain
  • rinse well then wash the garment.

Baking powder also contains 99% bicarbonate and can be a solution if you do not have baking soda on hand ! You can also use both (baking soda + yeast) for more efficiency.