How to create a more harmonious habitat?

How to create a more harmonious habitat?

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To make a house more harmonious and make its occupants feel good, it is advisable to think upstream about the layout and layout of the rooms that compose it.

A welcoming and functional entrance

© Lapeyre As this is the room through which you enter the house, the entrance plays a big role in the layout of a house: it must be both warm to make you want to come in, while being functional for its users. A well thought-out entry is therefore a practical room, in which you will be able to store (thanks to a cloakroom or coat hook) your coats, bags and shoes, just to create a break with the outside and leave it behind ... But the layout of this room which gives a glimpse of the overall atmosphere of the house should not be overlooked: a little bench, a well-kept plant, a nice light will brighten up this room, and create a cozy atmosphere that will make you feel good from the front door.

A pleasant lounge conducive to exchanges

© Lapeyre In order to allow individuals to move around, exchange and relax easily in a living room, it is advisable: -Avoid overloading the room by putting too much furniture and trinkets. -To opt for furniture with rounded shapes, and arrange the armchairs and sofas around a coffee table to promote communication, but without turning your back on the door. - Choose brightly colored furniture to energize the room. -Vary the light sources, and if possible create an opening (with a canopy or a skylight) on another room to avoid feeling trapped.

A Zen and refined room

© Lapeyre To feel good and sleep the just's sleep in a room, the latter must above all be neat and uncluttered: no question of letting the bazaar settle there, or overloading it with furniture that would suffocate the room. The furniture should therefore have soft shapes, colors and textures, and the storage (a dressing or some closets on a section of wall, but also toy boxes for children for example) are welcome so that when entering the room, serenity prevails.

An intimate and calm bathroom

© Lapeyre To rhyme with well-being, a bathroom must be partitioned, in order to offer a minimum of privacy to its users. As such, the hidden storage Lapeyre are perfect for providing a peaceful and orderly atmosphere without losing practicality. If the choice between shower and bath is above all a question of space (or taste!), It is preferable to place the WC in a different room from the bathroom, and which opens onto a corridor.

A practical and dynamic cuisine

© Lapeyre Today, the kitchen is one of the main rooms of the house, in which we soon spend as much time as in the living room (especially if it is a kitchen open to the living room). So that it is as user-friendly as it is practical to live in, you must therefore take care: 1. To install the workplan so that the person using it can see the room at a glance, especially in the case of an open kitchen. 2. There should be as little distance as possible between the sink, the refrigerator and the cooking point. 3. To have aromatic plants in the kitchen: they will bring a touch of color and greenery as well as very pleasant smells. 4. To bring warm colors in the room, through the work plan, cupboards or storage for example.

Parameters to remember

To make you feel at home and make your home more harmonious, there are some parameters that should not be overlooked with regard to the layout of your house: - Remember to place the windows and doors ensuring that you can always look outward when you are in a room. -Set up "buffer zones" in your house to preserve everyone's privacy: clearly delimit the space between the day and night zones, and place a room (WC, bathroom, dressing room) between the bedroom parents and children. -Avoid that your bedroom or any room in the sleeping area is through for maximum comfort and serenity.