How to properly clean a fabric sofa?

How to properly clean a fabric sofa?

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We settle there to relax in front of the television, to read a book and give a hug to the house cat, to have an aperitif with his friends ... No doubt, the sofa is one of the must-haves of the house. Because it is constantly acclaimed, it is also one of the pieces of furniture most likely to be stained! Whether it is removable or not, we will give you all our advice on how to properly clean your fabric sofa…

1. Dusting a fabric sofa

The first thing to do before starting the big cleaning of a sofa is to dust it. Because not only is the dust not hygienic, but in addition, if combined with humidity, it can leave ugly marks on your sofa. For this reason, it is recommended that you vacuum your sofa regularly using a soft nozzle to remove most of the dust. Complete this step by removing the fur and lint (left by pets) using adhesive rollers. Finally, treat the areas not covered with fabric as the base and protect them, if necessary, for the next steps.

2. Cleaning a removable sofa

To clean the cover of your sofa, remove it and carefully read the washing instructions on the label. If the fabric of your sofa is made of synthetic material, you can machine wash it and favor a soft program special for delicate linen or wool. In any case, avoid too high a temperature which could harm your sofa cover. Prefer a cold or 30 ° wash. Also, remember to set the spin at the minimum speed.If your sofa is made of natural fabric, there is a good chance that your cover will not go into the machine. Wash by hand and treat the stains locally as we detail in the next paragraph.

3. Clean a sofa without removable cover

Is your sofa not removable? Or is it, but the cover cannot be machine washed? You will have to clean it manually by choosing the most suitable method for your sofa, namely: * A water cleaning: The first thing to do is to check if your sofa supports water. If this is the case, you should start by dusting your couch and dealing with small tasks. Opt for a detergent or natural solution (such as baking soda or Marseille soap) to treat them. Remember to test your stain remover on a hidden corner of the sofa to test it. When the most stubborn stains are treated, you can opt for a shampoo provided for this purpose by rubbing the fabric. When the operation is finished, take care to put on a damp washcloth to avoid areolas. Then dry your sofa with a hair dryer or a towel to absorb the water. * Dry cleaning: Because the fabric is too fragile and likely to rub off, your sofa does not support wet cleaning. By cleaning your sofa dry, you will preserve the fabric and avoid the appearance of areolas. To do this, you can use special foam found in specialty stores or baking soda (sprinkle on the couch, let it work and vacuum). The good news ? Baking soda has the advantage of restoring radiance to the fabric. And one more reason to adopt it!