Tips for sorting in my kitchen

Tips for sorting in my kitchen

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A place for everything and everything in its place, this adage is particularly suited to our cuisine. In this room, you have to know how to sort! So as not to spoil, to find your way around, not to buy in triplicate and above all, to cook well and enjoy meals. We give you our 4 best tips for sorting in your kitchen!

Detox in your kitchen!

In a kitchen, we find everything but especially a lot of food. Obviously everything is well placed in your cupboards or in your fridge, but it is not uncommon that when you come home from your shopping, you come face to face with a product that you already had ... but that you forgot! Tins, sauces or cakes, when the cupboards and the fridge are full, difficult to navigate. But what's even more annoying is getting your hands on a forgotten food and realizing that it's expired. You realize that you have accumulated and above all forgotten an empty packet of crackers filled with crumbs, a jar of opened jam that has dried, cakes that have become soft. We therefore regularly recommend that you do a detox cure in your kitchen by vacuum cleaning! Empty your cupboards, take out everything in your fridge, sort and throw away so as not to poison yourself!

Sorting is learning to throw away


You can no longer find your way in terms of quantity between all the foods in your kitchen? It is true that between the boxes of opened pasta, the whole packages well hidden at the bottom of the cupboards and the half-empty rice sachets, it often happens that we run out of an ingredient. The packaging can be misleading and it is difficult at a glance to know the exact amount of food we have left. Why not swap all paper packaging for glass or plastic jars? It's the best way to see at a glance how much food you have. In addition it is very aesthetic, you just have to label your glass jars to see more clearly. It is also a significant economic argument because it can encourage you to buy products in bulk and a safer way to store your food rather than in already opened packaging.

Glass jars to see more clearly

Prefer drawers to cupboards

The closets are both very practical and our worst enemies! For storing food, household products, dishes, they are perfectly suited… to crowding. We stack the pan lids on top of each other until they fall every time we open a door. We pile up the packets of rice and pasta and you never know what's at the bottom. Besides, we are not tall enough, nor have our arms long enough to reach the top floor and discover what we have been able to hide there. Your best weapon against this bad habit is to choose drawers rather than cupboards. They allow you to quickly see what is at the bottom of a piece of furniture and to have easier access to it. Ditto for household products under the kitchen sink, a very simple tip is to position a turntable at the bottom of the cupboard, in this way, you will very easily see all your products!

Drawers to see it all

Sorting out in your kitchen to be better at home

Sorting is the best way to have a freer mind. In the kitchen, it is a necessity. Whether it is a question of hygiene, from a practical or economic point of view, all the reasons are good for sorting in this room of the house. Regularly applying these 3 simple tips is the assurance of a more pleasant daily life. You save time by knowing exactly the food in your possession, you save money by buying the right quantities and you reduce food waste! It's up to you to sort!

A tidy kitchen for a peaceful spirit