Make your own custom furniture: everything you need to know

Make your own custom furniture: everything you need to know

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Do you dream of making your custom furniture? This piece of furniture that you can't find on the market to create extra storage in your slightly quirky bathroom, this little wardrobe to store all your coats in the hall, this shelf that would be so perfect in your living room ... N ' hesitate no longer, we give you all our advice to get you started serenely…

Imagine the furniture of your dreams

The luxury of tailor-made? Everything is possible or almost! With the custom cutting service offered by, this is even more true. proposes to cut planks to measure in impeccable quality without splinters and with holes or plated edges. The icing on the cake: the boards are even delivered to your home! What to decide DIY enthusiasts who hesitated to get started. How do you define what you want to achieve? Find inspiration on dé pardi! Finally, adapt to the constraints of your interior: you want to install an office in a corner of the corridor? Imagine a hanging desk of the appropriate size that will allow you to put your legs comfortably there.

A custom cut board will allow you to bring your DIY office exactly where you want at home

The importance of the measures

To ensure that your custom-made piece of furniture fits best in your home, start by taking the measurements! Start by taking the measurements of the room that will host your furniture: * The measurements of your room on the ground * The measurements under the ceiling - especially if you imagine making shelves or cupboards for example * The measurements of the other furniture in your room Make a detailled plan. This will allow you to define the size of the furniture that you will be able to make. From there, make drawings of your furniture in order to visualize your needs and define the size of the boards that you will be able to order from

Anticipate the best manufacturing of your furniture by measuring exactly the size of wood you will need

What material to choose to make a piece of furniture?

* Medium : raw and economical, the medium consists of compressed wood fibers. The texture is very smooth, the finish elegant, which will allow you to paint it very easily. For what purpose? for shelves or closets. Note that for sheltered outdoor use or in a bathroom, you will need to choose a water-repellent medium. * OSB : light, durable and solid, the OSB is made up of different layers of long strips of wood. OSB is moisture resistant. The rendering is more raw. For what purpose? for kitchen and bathroom furniture. * chipboard : made of wood particles, the chipboard is very economical. It is a raw material. For what purpose? for essentially practical use, the finish being more or less smooth: interior formwork for example. Note that for use in a kitchen or bathroom, there is water repellant. * Plywood : made of unrolled wood sheets, the plywood has a very elegant finish. It is very resistant. Excellent value. For what purpose? for indoor and outdoor use - especially with its marine version. * melamine : chipboard covered with a sheet of paper coated with a resin called melamine, melamine is inexpensive and quite resistant while being available in many colors. For what purpose? for shelves, shelves, wardrobes, kitchen furniture, headboards. * Laminate : the laminate is more resistant than melamine, it resists shock, heat and humidity. For what purpose? worktops, table tops, very resistant consoles. Note that, even more resistant than laminate, there is postformed laminate which will be used to make kitchen worktops, workbenches and vanity tops for bathrooms. * Glued laminated solid wood : the glued laminate makes it possible to have very resistant solid wood panels. Easy to maintain, you can also varnish it. For what purpose? for a kitchen worktop, a sink in a bathroom, a dining table top. * Glass : contrary to what one might think, glass is not so fragile thanks to the latest technical innovations. It allows you to make furniture with an incomparable air look. For what purpose? for a shower screen or door, you will have to turn to showerguard glass, for table tops, shelves, shelves, kitchen splashbacks, you will have to choose toughened Sécurit glass, 5 times more resistant than traditional glass. now ready to make a superb custom-made piece of furniture. At your toolboxes!