Cooking lover tips for cooking leftovers

Cooking lover tips for cooking leftovers

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Whether you live alone, as a couple or as a family, the food budget is one of the most substantial. And yet, how many times do we open this refrigerator with the unpleasant feeling that it is empty and that it will be necessary to deploy treasures of ingenuity to make the meals? The solution: cook the leftovers! For the sake of economy, for simplicity but also to save time. Quickly, we slip you some tips for lovers of cooking, customary by the way.

With vegetables…

They vegetate in the vegetable drawer looking sad or you cooked them and strangely there are some left because the kids shunned them ... You can prepare: -Maud-style pie! : "a ready-made puff pastry, a whole egg whipped with cream and all your vegetables cut into small dice. I generously cover with grated cheese before baking!" The variant: quiches or muffins. -Juliette's omelet : she collects the vegetables she minces, then cooks an omelet "by adding chives, grated cheese, soy cream and almond milk". A treat for her children! -Véronique's soup and broth , who, with the same vegetables, kills two birds with one stone: "I cook the carcass of a chicken with the vegetables lying around in the fridge to make a super broth that infuses for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon. Then, I recycle the vegetables into soup the next day. " -Grated carrots from the subject matter expert, Sonia Ezgulian , who even made a book of it *: mix the carrot leftovers with almond powder and egg whites and heat in an olive oil blini pan to make carrot steaks! Another option: cook the carrots and mix them with coconut milk to obtain a smooth velvety texture.

Be inventive with the remains of your vegetables!

With the peelings ...

Nothing is lost in the kitchen! To fight against food waste, also think of recycling your fruit and vegetable peelings which contain nutritional virtues. You can prepare: -Dietetic chips from Quitterie : "I fry the leek filaments and it becomes delicious crunchy crisps." Alternatives: potato, carrot or apple peel chips, pears for the sweet version. -Banana peel muffins by Marie Cochard, author ** : mix the banana peels with water, whip two egg whites until stiff. Mix the mixed peels with the egg yolks, butter, yogurt, almond milk and coconut sugar, then stir in the cornflour (90g) and the baking soda. Bake for about 25 minutes at 220 ° C. -The economic soup of Quitterie with carrot, radish, zucchini, celery, parsnip leaves!

Give a second life to your vegetable peelings!

With meat and fish…

Throwing meat or fish in the trash would be sacrilege! Fortunately, there are plenty of recipes to divert these leftovers. You can prepare: -Sylvia's meat lovers : "I use beef, for example, which I mix to make puff pastry, or I cook a Hachis Parmentier." -Sonia Ezgulian fish dumplings with herbs made, for example, from sea bream baked in the oven. For this you will need herbal breadcrumbs, seasonings. Shape the small dumplings, let them crust for 1 hour on a plate before plunging them for a minute in a pan of simmering water. And if not, an aioli or fish rillettes, it also works she assures us! -Anne-Sophie's magic cake : "I combine chicken with carrot tops or ground veal with diced cheeses." -Veronique's childhood rice salad : "In my family, Sunday is rice salad mixed with all the remains of the fridge like meat or fish. Not haute cuisine but it's still my Proust madeleine." -Maud's fish tacos : "When I buy salmon steaks or fillets, I bake them in the oven and the next day, I taste them in taco mode!"

Leftover fish bend to our desires!

With Sunday casseroles…

When you have spent hours in the stove, it is a shame not to use the remains of these simmered dishes with love. You can prepare: -Gaëlle's lamb pasta : "I use the remains of the leg of Sunday and I heat them in the pan by adding soy sauce. I mix with the pasta: it's too good!" -Sonia Ezgulian's stuffed potatoes : "To cook leftover Blanquette, cook two-thirds of large peeled potatoes in water, dig them with a small spoon, stuff them with the leftovers, sprinkle with Comté cheese and bake for about fifteen minutes . " -The radical metamorphosis of Sonia Ezgulian's couscous : "In a bowl, mix the semolina and an egg white. Shape 8 meatballs and place them in a baking dish. Bake for 10 minutes. Bring the broth with the vegetables to a boil. Mix, stir in the chickpeas and keep this soup warm. Place the soup in bowls, add the semolina dumplings, sprinkle with coriander sprigs and enjoy. "

A couscous can turn into a soup

With the sweet…

Let's face it, there are less leftovers when we generally prepare desserts or when we eat fresh fruit… But in case, you can prepare: -Anne-Sophie's compote : "Simple and effective, the compote works with everything!" You can even add the end of the cake, yogurt cake or fruit pie to your cooked or overripe fruit. -Egg yolk sweet version . Thanks to Sonia Ezgulian, you can no longer throw away your set egg yolks while you cook. They will make an excellent base for custard or chocolate mousse. Short on time ? Know that you can freeze them to put them aside by putting them in an ice cube tray! * Anti-Gaspi, Flammarion editions ** Peelings, All you can do with them, Eyrolles editions