Zoom on… the pegboard!

Zoom on… the pegboard!

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No, the pegboard is not exclusively intended for workshops or garages! This perforated wall panel is now available in all rooms of the house! It must be said, there is no shortage of assets! Practical, economical, modular, space saving and aesthetic, the pegboard is THE trend storage in 2019. We tell you more…

Pegboard… Kézako?

© Abla Carolyn The pegboard is a storage tool easily found in workshops. Composed of a board and many small holes, it allows you to have all your tools close at hand. Today, this perforated wall panel invites itself into private interiors and asserts its raw formwork form but not only! If stainless steel gives it an industrial look, it is more easily associated with a Scandinavian or Japanese spirit when it is in raw wood! But what we particularly appreciate with the pegboard is that it invites creativity ... Adept DIY, you can easily get started in the realization of a perforated panel! To inspire you, discover the tutorial from the blog Abla Carolyn to make an office pegboard and discover our favorite creation signed La Délicate Parenthèse, whose blogger imagined a partially perforated piece of furniture for her entry. In other words, the pegboard is not only an economical and space saving storage but in addition, it is a fabulous element of wall decoration! We don't need more to crack…

For what uses?

© Little Anana As you can see, the pegboard is more than a storage tool. With a little imagination, it can quickly become a decorative element in its own right. Flexible as desired, it is organized and customized according to your wishes and even becomes, in a way, a moodboard! Used well, it can even organize a room by delimiting a space of another. We give you our best ideas for adopting the pegboard in your interior: *In a room : we can easily imagine it as a headboard on which we just fix a few shelves serving as small extra shelves! In a dressing area, the perforated panel can be ideal for storing jewelry in style. And if your desk coexists with your bed, you can install a pegboard on the wall panel against which the desk rests. In addition to offering you multiple storage, it can delimit the office space of the sleeping area. *In a kitchen: here, the pegboard can be placed on the entire wall in the kitchen. Because storage is like chocolate, there is never enough! You can hang kitchen utensils, dishes and even install a shelf to place your aromatic herbs! And if the XXL model scares you, nothing prevents you from choosing one adapted to the size of your credenza. *In an office : what better than a pegboard to organize your workspace? Use simple hooks to hang your desk accessories like scissors, rulers, a roll of tape and many more ... Install shelves to store books and small baskets. And to find motivation, we don't hesitate to sprinkle plants and hang a few photos, illustrations and inspirational quotes. *In an entry: installed in an entrance or a corridor, the pegboard will save you space! Rather than a bulky coat rack, the pegboard occupies a minimum of space and is no less practical. On the contrary, in addition to coats and hats, it can act as a key ring and accommodate shelves on which there are storage compartments ... The good news? Because it is multifunctional, you will always find it useful. So if you get bored of it in your room, just give it a new place in your kitchen!