Opening onto the garden: 4 beautiful verandas to discover

Opening onto the garden: 4 beautiful verandas to discover

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To have the impression of being in your garden while being comfortably installed inside: this is the magic of the aluminum veranda! We show you around 4 beautiful veranda projects that open the house to the outside.

Vintage-style aluminum veranda

We really like this project: an aluminum veranda which creates an extension of the house onto the garden. The veranda was given a vintage chic look thanks to an elegant color, a pretty retro brown, as well as decorative details on the bottom of the panels.

A veranda with your feet in the pool

Put on your swimsuit, slide the sliding doors of this beautiful aluminum veranda with one hand: all you have to do is jump, head first into your pool! Better than a simple garden shed, right? Especially since the veranda will create a beneficial airlock between the pool and your house: no more puddles leaving the pool all over the house! The glass parts create a beautiful graphic effect.

A veranda that creates the passage between the kitchen and the vegetable patch

Here, the aluminum veranda opened the large kitchen - with a central island, the dream! - on the garden. Garden in which we had the good idea to install a vegetable garden! A step to go from cooking to the vegetable patch and harvesting for dinner: at the table!

Wide angle opening to the garden

This is the great quality of the sliding openings of the aluminum verandas: the sliding French windows allow the veranda to be opened almost entirely as soon as the beautiful days appear in the garden - and this without clutter neither inside nor outside. No more border between you and nature! Here, in this beautiful sun-drenched veranda, we have installed a dining area. We bet that family meals and parties with friends are happy! Find more information on the Véranda Alu website In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum