Towel folding tutorial: the dove

Towel folding tutorial: the dove

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Lately I have decided to fight against the "daily routine" and to give myself regular little moments of pleasure. After all, why always wait for great occasions to take advantage? It's true, it takes very little to transform the routine into a daily life punctuated by small pleasures. So, tonight, we are starting to fold the dove napkin! What could be more pleasant than sitting at a nicely set table, isn't it? The dishes immediately become more attractive (that's no reason to forget the gratin in the oven!) And you take more time to enjoy the moment. So to brighten up my tables, I use and abuse folding towels. My favorite folding of the moment? The white dove. It is simple to make and easily brings a chic touch to the atmosphere of the table. To make this napkin folding at home too, I give you the 10 steps to obtain a pretty dove in less than 2 minutes, top time. Are you ready ? So let's get started.


1. Fully open your towel.

2. Fold your towel in half to form a large triangle.

3. Fold the top tip over the central tip of your triangle.

4. Fold the bottom point over the central point of your triangle.

5. Turn your napkin over, placing the triangles face up on the table. You will now see the smooth side.

6. Fold your towel in half to form a small triangle. The 2 previous triangles are therefore superimposed, one below the other.

7. Take the right point and go up to the center of your triangle then mark the fold to form your first wing…

8. Turn over your folding and repeat the operation on the back with the left point of the triangle this time to form the second wing…

9. To form the beak of your dove, fold the right point of your triangle, leaving the end protruding.

10. Using a felt pen (or a small round sticker), make the eye of your dove.

And voila, your dove is ready to land on your plate. As promised: two minutes flat, no more! Not even time to let the gratin burn in the oven. You will have to find other excuses!