Decorative gift ideas between 10 and 20 euros

Decorative gift ideas between 10 and 20 euros

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This year, we decided to reason our expenses for Christmas! So we are looking for decorative gift ideas between 10 and 20 euros in our great selection of ideas…

1. Small notebooks

You never have enough notebooks, right? If this is what your best friend keeps telling you, go for it! We spotted some pretty glittery notebooks at Maisons du Monde… Little extra: leave a sweet note on the first page of the notebooks you offer!

2. Masking tape

For fans of DIY and stationery cute, offer a lot of masking tape rolls! A creative gift.

3. A mug

The must have for a good winter: have a mug worthy of the name! Little extra: offer at the same time tea bags that you have customized by hanging small bags of sweet words on the string.

4. A small vase

Always useful to put three flowers picked up during a walk in the countryside, the small vases! Accumulated with other pretty decorative objects, they will be perfect. Little more: offer three craspedias, these very graphic flowers, yellow balls on a long stem, this minimalist bouquet will be superb in your mini-vase.

5. A pretty tealight holder

Guaranteed magical atmosphere! Offer a small tealight holder that will find its place everywhere in the house.

6. A small cactus

Go to your favorite garden center to buy a mini-cactus or a mini-succulent. Easy to maintain, these plants will suit everyone, even those who don't have a green thumb. Little extra: what if you repot your little plants in an original container? Old iron tea box, small mottled cup ... Let your creativity speak!