Adopt the Art Deco style in your interior

Adopt the Art Deco style in your interior

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A velvet armchair

With its beautiful blue velvet and golden base, this armchair is indeed very elegant. As comfortable as it is design, it will the Art Deco touch of your interior, and your little corner of refuge on the way home from work! Complement it with a velvet cushion in a complementary shade to make it even more welcoming.

This type of armchair finds its place perfectly in a living room or a corner office. In a bedroom, we prefer a smaller model, which takes up less space in the room.

A piece of table in golden brass

Golden brass is one of the typical materials Art Deco style. It is found in particular on decorative items but also on furniture, such as the end tables.

These side tables are very useful because they offer spaces where to install decor or a light. They don't take up much room in the room. Elegant and refined, they will warm your room with originality.

In a bedroom, you can use them as a bedside table.

Geometrically shaped lights

Geometry is very important in Art Deco style. We find geometric shapes on different supports, such as furniture, linens or even on light fixtures.

Round balls as a lampshade, diamond-shaped pendant lights or even brass floor lamps in the shape of a half-sphere: the Art Deco trend allows you to adopt original lighting fixtures in your interior.

For an interior even more inspired by this movement, prefer lamps in gold or rose gold metal.

Geometric patterns on the walls

For a few years, wallpaper has no longer been reserved for our grandparents' bedroom. Trendy, more modern, it allows an interior of character without much effort.

For an art deco-inspired living room or bedroom, do not hesitate to cover an entire wall with wallpaper with geometric shapes. The patterns must be repetitive. To create a real contrast and give a certain impression of opulence, be sure to select a wallpaper whose background consists of a bright color and whose patterns are created with gilding (as in the photo above).

For the effect to be successful, we do not install the art deco wallpaper on all the walls of the room, on pain of having an interior that is far too busy, then drawing on the baroque.

Mirrors like little jewels

All in art deco represents opulence, luxury and outward signs of wealth. And the mirrors are no exception! Whether in the bathroom, a bedroom or an entry, the mirrors should be noticed.

For an original mirror, we will opt for a diamond shape, comprising several panes and generally being rectangular. In a bathroom, favor oval models in golden metal. You can thus install two or three side by side, to bring more brightness to the room.

If you have the possibility, do not hesitate to hunt for Art Deco mirrors in flea markets or in garage sales. If the glass is pitted, the effect will be all the more authentic.

A boudoir-style bedroom

Art Deco style lends itself perfectly to the decoration of a bedroom. You can thus create a boudoir atmosphere, both cocooning and sensual.

Opt for a quilted or padded headboard, ideally in short velvet. Colors like pastel pink, emerald green or midnight blue are particularly trendy for this decorative element.

Choose gold or copper metal lighting, suspension or table lamp. For bed linen, play the uniformity card and install a plain bed linen, in the same colors as those chosen for the decoration of the bedroom. A few cushions or a velvet quilt will warm it up.