Define the living room space from the dining room space: our tips and advice

Define the living room space from the dining room space: our tips and advice

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Your living room and your dining room are one and you would like to make two separate spaces? The editorial staff of dé shares with you all their advice to help you define the living room area of ​​the dining room, without embarking on titanic work. Decorative tips, practical ideas and suitable furniture, follow the guide!

To separate the living room from the dining room, a piece of furniture instead of a partition

If the large living rooms are very pleasant, the fact remains that we almost always try to separate the living room from the dining room. Two very different living spaces that we do not use at all in the same way or at the same frequency. To delimit them, the most obvious option is to place a piece of furniture between the two intended to act as a partial partition. If you don't want to invest in furniture, you can simply position your sofa so as to cut the space in half. By adding a console side dining room to enhance your decor, the separation will be elegant and fluid. Otherwise, let yourself be tempted by an openwork bookcase, to let the light pass between the two spaces while distinguishing them by a piece of furniture that will also bring you storage!

The back of the sofa accentuates the separation between the two spaces.

A wall identity for each space

Very often, we tend to think that it is necessary to furnish the space to modulate it. However, personalizing the walls is a formidable decorative tip to differentiate one room from another. If you want to give a cozy atmosphere to your living room and further separate it from the dining room, cover one of the walls belonging to the living room with decorative wallpaper. Tropical or retro atmosphere, treat yourself! By leaving the walls of your dining room neutral, the separation between the spaces will be done by itself. Another tip: play on painting. The living room is a living room that we like to be bright most of the time, and the dining room is the area for dinners with friends or family meals. By painting the walls of the dining room with a warm and dark shade, you will bring privacy to this space, now well delimited from the living room!

A colorful wallpaper to mark a space: well seen!

A floor for the living room, another for the dining room

In the same way that the walls allow to structure the space, the ground also has its role to play. If you are ready to incur some expenses, do not hesitate to (have) put a different floor for the living room and another for the dining room. Parquet and cement tiles, tiles and carpet, choose the combination that best suits you based on the atmosphere you want to give to each area. Another low-cost decoration tip: carpets! Casually, these decorative elements are particularly effective for separating two spaces. Place a Berber carpet in your bohemian living room and a seagrass carpet in your dining room with a refined decor, and you will see that these two spaces will have nothing in common!

A large carpet in the living room: the practical trick to distinguish it from the dining room!

The glass roof to separate the living room from the dining room

Are you one of those who thinks that there is nothing better than a partition to separate the living room from the dining room? Certainly, but by choosing this option, you are saying goodbye to through light and all traffic between the two rooms. By favoring the choice of a glass roof, you will bring a real decorative look to your living room, while delimiting the spaces and without losing brightness. The winning duo! Style wise, dare the workshop canopy to accentuate an industrial decor, or prefer the retro canopy with small tiles to give character to your interior with a vintage spirit. Also, don't forget the option of a sliding glass door, which will cut the pear in half between fans of partitions and others!

The glass roof makes the living space more intimate while keeping an opening.

The designer fireplace to delimit the space

Last option a little more expensive but truly rewarding for your home: the designer fireplace. The idea is to separate the living room from the dining room by creating a charm asset common to both spaces. Whether integrated into a wall panel or suspended like a wood stove, the fireplace is the ultimate comfort for long winter evenings. For a festive meal with a large table or a romantic TV evening, nothing like a cocooning atmosphere by the fireside. In the living room or the dining room, everyone benefits, including your electric bill!

A central fireplace: the elegant trick to distinguish two living spaces.