The guide to household brushes

The guide to household brushes

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When household time strikes, there are few who display overflowing enthusiasm! Make your job easier by getting the right accessories. Did you know, for example, that there is a wide choice of household brushes, each suitable for a particular use? Discover the thousand and one brushes that will dust your vision of the household…

1. From floor to ceiling, each brush has its use!

In the large family of household brushes, the broom and the brush occupy a special place. You thought you knew everything about these accessories could not be more common? But did you know that the material of the bristles of the brush will affect your comfort of daily use? For smooth floors, such as parquet or waxed concrete, use bristles made from real horsehair: they will keep your broom brush in place. On the other hand, for more irregular floors, such as tiling or tomettes, opt for bristles made of pig silk: their flexibility allows them to slip easily into the interstices. What applies to the floor also applies to the ceiling. Leave cheap synthetic hair behind and turn to natural fibers of animal origin. To dislodge spider webs in the corners without damaging the paint on your ceiling, opt for a triangular goat hair brush. This type of brush is certainly more expensive to buy, but your ceiling will thank you.

The goat hair brush makes war on cobwebs!

2. Your furniture is also entitled to its brush

Give honour where honour is due ! The feather duster is probably the most used household brush for dusting furniture. Opt for a model in real ostrich feathers, which will slide like a caress on the most fragile coverings. Softness, when you hold us ... To dust off the corners that are difficult to access inside your furniture, use a cupboard brush. Again, goat hair is preferred, for its ability to absorb the thin film of fat that tarnishes the natural shine of the wood. And if you have a little energy left, grab your stroller, a small hand brush with an ergonomic handle. Straight from the world of baking, it was traditionally used by bakers to remove the flour from their work plan. No doubt, with this magic accessory, you will not give the dust a chance!

The duster, a cute brush that almost makes you want to dust furniture, yes, yes!

3. Household-friendly brushes in water rooms

Bathroom and kitchen are also entitled to their specific brushes. Little known to the general public, they are nevertheless capable of rendering valuable services. Household brush oblong, the swab easily clears a path in the drain of your sink, to remove hair and other beard hair not very stewing. You will thus avoid the risk of forming a long-term plug blocking your pipes. Clever, isn't it? Now let's go to the kitchen: the copper wire sponge will become your most precious ally. Even if its name does not indicate it, it does belong to the category of household brushes, in which it is illustrated. To clean your stainless steel sink without scratching it, it has no equal! Easy to maintain, it only asks to sit overnight in a bleach bath, to set off again to storm your kitchen. It would also be a shame to stop in such a good way: after the sink, put a spell on your pots and other dirty pots. For this, nothing like a dish brush made of abrasive vegetable fibers. It will loosen the cooked fats, which have an annoying tendency to adhere to the coating of your pans. With such a tool, you will have few excuses left to avoid the chore of washing up!

The copper wire sponge is second to none to clean your stainless steel sink! Thanks WHO ?

4. Household brushes can also surprise you!

In the large family of brushes, let's ask for the unusual, the original, in a word the eccentric! Hyper specialized, they are intended for a single and unique function, which they also fulfill wonderfully. This is particularly the case with the cylindrical radiator brush. Its elongated shape allows it to slip between the fins of your cast iron radiator, to dislodge the dust that thought it had found a warm welcome there, out of sight. Just as specialized, the blind brush does not fail when it comes to accomplishing its mission. Its ergonomic handle makes it very handy, thus facilitating the cleaning of your blinds. From there to say that cleaning will become a pleasant moment, there is only one step, that only you can take ...

No more wondering how to dislodge the dust nested in your radiator with the radiator swab!