What flowers for my winter wedding decor?

What flowers for my winter wedding decor?

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Is winter the new wedding season? Fairytale decor, warm atmosphere, comforting menu and organizational facilities are all good reasons to get married in cold weather. As for the floral decoration, don't worry, many flowers lend themselves to playing from December to February… Discover our selection of plants for getting married in winter.

Buttercups, for a romantic winter wedding

As generous as peonies and as beautiful as roses, garden buttercups bloom throughout the winter. White, they evoke the purity of marriage and the softness of the surrounding snow. Pink or pastel, they sublimate the most refined floral compositions. And as they hold very well in a vase, they are not likely to nose down at the end of the night…

Essential buttercups in winter…

Amaryllis, for a majestic winter wedding

The queen of winter flowers, the amaryllis, stands on its high stem and leaves no one indifferent. Immaculate white or fiery red, amaryllis elegantly decorate centerpieces, buffets and reception rooms. In the bride's bouquet, they impress with the size of their immense and open flowers. On the other hand, for the groom's buttonhole, it will be necessary to find another flower!

Amaryllis, for a 100% decorative wedding!

Cotton flowers for a sweet wedding

When the landscape is dressed in white and the bride puts a soft shawl on her shoulders, the bouquet can also bet on whiteness and simplicity. In cotton flowers, all round, it will emphasize the sweetness of this timeless day ... and in addition it will keep for a long time!

An original and sweet round bouquet…

Orchids, for a sophisticated marriage

White like the bride's dress and the color of the sky, orchids sublimate the decorations of winter weddings. Exotic and sophisticated, they fall in cascades of the bridal bouquet and centerpieces, like an avalanche of flowers in winter…

Bouquets of orchids are popular!

White anemones, for a falsely wise marriage

If they did not have a black heart, the white anemones would be of immaculate purity. But it is precisely this unexpected little detail that makes them so desirable. Enhanced with dark dots, the floral compositions of anemones and foliage stand out for their strong personality. Sublime also in buttonholes, table decorations and hair crowns…

The leaves and the succulents, for a green wedding

When the cold weather also cools the florists, the leaves and succulents save the day by bringing grace, lightness and structure to the bridal bouquets and floral arrangements. In terms of branches, eucalyptus, olive trees, twisted willow, ferns and euphorbias plant the decoration as gracefully as flowers. On the succulent side, the echeverias mingle in beauty with a simple bouquet of pastel-colored roses, or take center stage in plant centerpieces.

The echeverias go perfectly with eucalyptus, gypsophila and roses.

Mimosa, for a fragrant wedding

In Provence, mimosa is in winter what lavender is in summer. If your wedding is planned during the mimosa flowering period, at the end of January / beginning of February, why not start a wedding all in yellow? Original and ultra photogenic, these little golden yellow balls should inspire you to display all your decor, from the staging of the benches to the buttonhole of the groom via the announcements. But beware, the scent of mimosa is intoxicating, do not overdo it in centerpieces!

The bride was in yellow…

Muscaris, for a spring wedding

From the end of winter, the first spring flowers appear at florists, as the promise of the return of sunny days. From the beginning of February, the palette of plants for your wedding then widens to include hyacinths, daffodils, snowdrops, tulips, cyclamen and muscaris. Bright blue, these enhance the bouquets of roses, buttercups or white tulips. With their funny little blue bells, they bring a touch of refined originality to your bouquets. Long live spring in winter! Read also : - What flowers for my wedding decor in autumn? - What flowers for my spring wedding decor?