5 simple bouquets to celebrate fall

5 simple bouquets to celebrate fall

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When the days start to get shorter and the temperatures drop, nature offers us an extraordinary palette of shimmering colors to warm our homes. Red, yellow, pink or orange, the bouquets of autumn evoke the beauty of a brown forest and the generosity of the harvests in the vegetable garden ... Long live the fall!

Dahlias for my autumn bouquet

Autumn flowers par excellence, dahlias light up the house like little colored stars. Yellow, orange, pink, carmine red or mauve, they form a real firework of warm colors, which lasts several weeks in a vase. For a more sophisticated composition, consider combining them with asters, peach-colored roses, succulents, red berries or eucalyptus branches…

The irresistible charm of autumn dahlias…

A bouquet of succulents and craspedias

Even more than spring or summer bouquets, fall floral arrangements play the card of longevity. You can for example create a bouquet as original as graphic by associating craspedias with succulents. The yellow spheres of the craspedias dry in a vase to last all winter, while the succulents require only a few drops of water to flourish for long months. A simple and chic bouquet to offer without hesitation!

The yellow of the craspedias will be enhanced by the gray foliage of the succulents

A bunch of red berries

In autumn, fruits and vegetables are invited into floral arrangements to bring them roundness, gluttony, texture and above all color. The red berries of the dog rose and the beautiful orange physalis slide without hesitation between the stems of a bouquet of roses, dahlias or chrysanthemums. But nothing prevents them from being used alone in a colorful, round bouquet! And why not slip into your autumn bouquet some very red apples (planted on a wooden stem) or even small decorative squashes? Fall effect guaranteed!

Wild rosehip berries found in the forest…

A bunch of sunflowers for fall

The sun is hiding behind the clouds? Put it in a vase! If the sky is gray, nothing beats a magnificent bouquet of sunflowers to restore cheerfulness in the house. And with a few peach-colored roses, two or three branches of physalis and a little orange celosia, your bouquet will be the most beautiful in autumn!

An autumn bouquet that defies the weather!

A bunch of physalis

Want simplicity and sophistication at the same time? This fall, fall for physalis! These "loves-in-cage" make forget the greyness by their magnificent orange color while bringing lightness and grace to the room. Whether you choose a simple branch in a soliflore or a more generous bouquet, these berries will wake up your fall decor for only a few euros ... And to top it all, you can even dry them and enjoy them until Christmas!

Even dried, the bouquet of physalis remains beautiful!