Marriage: smart advice from truly informed grooms

Marriage: smart advice from truly informed grooms

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When we know that the preparation time for marriage is on average one year and that this period does not stop growing, we suspect that this great event cannot be summed up on D-Day, even if it was the best day of our life. All the brides who were kind enough to confide - the newlyweds are less talkative - confirm the roller coasters that precede the ceremony, between disillusionment, excitement, intense joy and sometimes disappointment. So to not waste time, gain peace of mind and save money, we have compiled here the enlightened advice of these young and future brides.

1st golden rule: Do not be influenced

Like a cry from the heart, all the brides questioned come together on this point: this marriage that you are preparing is yours! "No one should live by proxy," says Katia. Once you integrate this, you will no longer be afraid to pass for authoritarian or demanding. On the contrary, it is "important to remain true to yourself and to follow through on your ideas", she continues. Certain points are thus non-negotiable: the date of the wedding, the place… "You have to trust each other," adds Guillemette. And do not be influenced, do not daydream too much in front of wedding blogs and social networks, underlines Margaux: "Pinterest in particular is a great source of inspiration but do not think that everything is achievable. So much the better, because marriage has to look like you. " Does this mean that we cannot rely on our loved ones to get opinions? Of course not. "Gather the opinion of a small circle regarding important points like trying on the dress," tempers Katia. "If you have a nice relationship with your mom, nothing beats her advice. And we know that she always tells the truth!", She adds. "Listen only to organizational advice," adds Annick. "For the rest, do what you have in mind!"

It’s Isabelle’s mom who made the bouquets after the flowers were bought from a wholesaler

2nd golden rule: Prioritize

Getting married also means being realistic and distinguishing things that are essential to you and those that are less essential. Why ? Because your budget is not unlimited - are we wrong? - but because the time you have to devote is not more! A discussion with your other half is essential. "Make an item on the guest list automatically," explains Margaux. Therefore, "define the budget breakdown for each item" she continues. Talking upstream avoids underestimating certain points which later prove essential: "Make a play-list for the DJ!" Advises Alexandra. "I didn't do it and I'm still biting my fingers."

3rd golden rule: Get organized

An organized future bride becomes a Zen and fulfilled bride! Our witnesses have understood this. For their respective marriages, Solène and Alexandra became the pros of the Excel table. One notes the list of tasks and deadlines while the other fills in the names of the guests and their addresses for acknowledgments. The organization is managed by two: "The missions must be divided between the future groom and the future bride", underlines Solène. And the help of the guests is welcome: "The Monday before the wedding, we gave our loved ones cards that listed their tasks," recalls Isabelle. And Alexandra concludes: "Anticipate by taking care of the main points from the start: room, caterer, stationery ... you will save yourself a blow of stress in the coming months and will be able to focus on details such as decoration." wedding organized in a few months, Cécile called on a wedding-planner: Inquire, the prices are not necessarily exorbitant. She knows a lot of providers and the stress of the organization, she is the one who manages it! "

Do not hesitate to ask your loved ones before and during the ceremony to limit the budget!

4th golden rule: Save money

We often consider marriage as a financial abyss but good news, our brides compete in tricks to lower the bill. "Yes, it is possible to negotiate when we get married and also to take advantage of the sales," says Margaux, who benefited from a -30% on her wedding dress. "The capsule collections of ready-to-wear brands are other great options," she adds. His other reflex, download the application; a saving of time but also a way of making savings: "We can canvass several providers in the region at the same time and some offer discounts". Her decoration, she found it in garage sales and at Emmaüs. "I have repaired a suitcase bought at 1.50 euros to transform it into an urn," she enthuses again. For Alexandra, the art of getting by is called recycling: "I'm lucky, my friends have the same tastes as I do! They lent me vases." Another tip from Alexandra, inquire at the town hall for a possible loan of equipment. For her country wedding, Annick bought flowers directly from a nursery and the bouquets were composed by her and her relatives; a significant saving, which she estimates at two thousand euros. As for Isabelle, she went directly to wholesalers for most of her decoration. "We bought the fabric in haberdashery for our centerpieces which suddenly cost us less than 4 euros." Isabelle and her husband preferred to anticipate to avoid excessively heavy expenses: "More than a year in advance, we started to transfer money to a savings account." A way to establish a portfolio but also to make it grow since interest is added to the initial budget of the wedding.

Beautiful flowers for centerpieces

5th golden rule: Have fun and let go of the ballast

"Keep in mind why you are getting married," recommends Alexandra. You have sometimes gone through moments of doubts or small stress shots, but the preparation as the ceremony must above all be moments of joy and fun! It is therefore necessary to put small galleys into perspective to make the most of this period. "I remember with great pleasure the weeks leading up to the wedding," says Solène. "We have set up lots of small family missions: filling the jars with honey with my sister, linking the mass books with my husband, building the signs with my dad, picking the flowers with my witnesses ..." In addition to making beautiful memories, Solène saw an interest in these shared moments: "the witnesses and the family feel invested and us, it takes our stress away." Alexandra confirms: "At the beginning, I wanted to control everything and I declined all help. And then I understood that what made the charm of this event was to share it. I have great memories of the menus assembled with the cousins and decor installed with friends. " To have fun and enjoy until the last moments, our brides give us their secret: let go! "On D-Day, let the witnesses manage. There will inevitably be failures but it does not matter! Nobody will notice and the important thing is to take advantage," advises Solène. Take time for your couple, even and especially the big day. "Enjoy a glass of champagne for two, escape to take some photos," says Alexandra. And to conclude: "If you can, go on a honeymoon in stride. You will thus avoid too sudden a return to reality ..."