10 tips to easily clean your trinkets

10 tips to easily clean your trinkets

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The trinkets, figurines and other collections of motley objects: it's very pretty ... except that dust, this insidious enemy of our interiors, tends to accumulate there. "We hunt it in the morning ... it will come back tomorrow, sneeze", sang Chantal Goya in 1993. The singer had probably not yet read our 10 tips to easily clean her trinkets. Here they are !

1 / Clean your trinkets regularly

A regular dusting of your trinkets allows to space and, better, to avoid the sessions of deep cleaning ... One watchword therefore: be regular! At the rate of one cleaning per week, your objects, figurines and trinkets will be shiny. No mercy for procrastination! Otherwise, the dust won't get it for you.

The trinkets personalize the decor, but they must be pampered in return.

2 / For cleaning trinkets, never without my microfiber!

Effective and durable, rags and other gloves microfiber trap dust in their small anti-static fibers during friction. To dust your trinkets, arm yourself with a damp microfiber cloth and declare the dust hunt open! For a gentle dusting you can also use a feather duster.

Your trinkets will be clean like a new penny after the passage of the microfiber cloth!

3 / Always from top to bottom

Dust does not escape the law of falling bodies. To clean your trinkets effectively, it is therefore necessary to go from the top to the bottom of your furniture and your shelves. By doing this, the dust falls on the lower areas and optimizes the dusting of your objects and trinkets.

The trinkets are the charm of toddler rooms, and require regular cleaning.

4 / Recycle an old pantyhose as a dustproof weapon

Your old tights and stockings can transform into formidable anti-dust allies. To do this, cut them at the calf, put them on (not on your legs ... on your hands!) And this way dust! Like the microfiber cloth, the tights trap dust without moving it. Finally, the tighter the mesh, the more effective it is against dust.

Tights for dusting? What make cleaning sexy!

5 / Have a sense of detail

Dust has the gift of being housed in the smallest corners and interstices of your trinkets and objects ... To come to grips with it, be meticulous. Exterior, underside, hidden corners and hidden corners: no square millimeter of surface should escape you! If necessary, use an old toothbrush or an old paintbrush.

Is your interior a cabinet of curiosities? Arm yourself with patience!

6 / Use impeccable dusting tools

As often as the color of your microfiber cloth turns gray, rinse it to remove all the dust ... Likewise, once your trinkets have been cleaned, thoroughly wash your dusting tools. So they will be ready for the next cleaning session … And presto, the microfiber cloth: in the washing machine!

We often forget it, but we have to think about washing our household accessories!

7 / Opt for a minimalist decor

Starting from the equation "Less trinkets = less dust = less time spent dusting", we don't hesitate to get rid of any superfluous objects and trinkets. Admittedly, memories of Aunt Odile's travel are very pleasant to receive and to look at on the library, but at the rate of 10 trips per year, it is starting to really make a lot of objects to dust…

Declutter: the household trick AND Home Staging!

8 / Prepare a mixture to delay the return of dust

To optimize the cleaning of your trinkets and prevent dust from returning, there are a few grandmother recipes. For example, dilute a spoon of glycerin in a liter of hot water, stir vigorously, moisten your cloth with this mixture and clean your trinkets. Dust adheres to the cloth and prevents dust particles from flying away ... and coming back too quickly.

Of course, you can count on your ally baking soda for your trinkets.

9 / Air… but not excessively

Good ventilation allows you to renew the air in the house and propel pollutants and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds) outside ... But beware, if ventilation is essential to drive out unwanted people, it also transports dust. This is even more true if you live in a big city, near a major highway or a beach. The rule of thumb: ventilate your interior large every day, morning and evening for ten minutes.

10 minutes of ventilation morning and evening allow you to clean up your interior.

10 / The case of trinkets in copper, silver, wood…

Copper, silver, wooden or stainless steel trinkets benefit from being treated, from time to time, in a particular way. Lemon to polish the silver knick-knacks, baking soda to clean copper objects, a mixture of olive oil and lemon to restore luster to the wood… And your trinkets are the most beautiful!

Each trinket has its own special care!