8 insulated cups to keep your coffee warm

8 insulated cups to keep your coffee warm

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1. Night blue thermos mug, Thermos, € 34.71 2. Morgan purple mug, Contigo, € 38.61 3. "But First Coffee" thermos mug Ban.Do, Asos, € 21.99 4. Ecailles insulated mug, Wantit, € 14.90 5. Trendy fish mug, Gaspajoe, € 27.90 6. Transit gray and blue green travel mug, Contigo, € 34.95 7. Red travel mug, Bodum, € 19.90 8. Mug "I'm in a good mood this morning", Wantit, € 16.90 Whether you stay at home or go for a walk or work, nothing is more pleasant than having a hot drink with you - especially when it's cold outside! But conversely, nothing is more unpleasant than to note with the lip of your lips that his tea or coffee is already all cooled! Hence the importance of this little miracle object that we should all have close at hand: the insulated mug! Whether it's to keep your eyes open when you wake up or to take your dose of caffeine with you, here is a selection of 8 insulated cups to keep you smiling in all weathers.

The insulated mug that announces color in the morning! "But first, coffee", to hear: "But first, a coffee!" So that you can no longer do without a good coffee or your favorite tea while traveling, at work or at home, nothing better than 'an insulated cup. Double insulating wall, made of stainless steel, non-slip silicone band, airtight cap ... the thermos cups are foolproof! And on the design side, there is something for everyone: from simple colorful ones to thermos mugs carrying inspiring messages or adorable patterns…