Loire Sols Déco: concrete in all its glory

Loire Sols Déco: concrete in all its glory

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A new floor in perspective but you do not know which one to choose? Waxed, polished, printed or even deactivated? Nicolas Machado offers his expertise in order to find the one that will be the most suitable for each of our projects. The choice of soil is a problem that is common to all of us, but among all the possible and imaginable materials, concrete is today at the top of the classification thanks to its ease of maintenance, its low cost and the multitude of possibilities at which it gives you access: contemporary or retro style, interior or exterior, waxed, raw, tinted or printed concrete, it bends to your desires! For all those who are new to laying concrete, we have discovered an expert in the field who, in addition to practicing his art, brings many tips to anyone who wants to take it.

With his eighteen years of experience, Nicolas Machado is convinced of the qualities of this coating. "It is a stable and resistant material, which retains all its qualities over time and does not fall apart, if we respect the conditions for its implementation. There are thicknesses to be respected, very precise concrete formulas and varnishes suitable for each finish. "

If he usually recommends waxed concrete indoors, for easier cleaning, he listens to all the desires of his customers. "I can intervene in new as in renovation, provided that I can reload the ground of at least 6 centimeters. As for the final result, in decoration we can practically do anything we want thanks to the dies that 'we just lay on fresh concrete: imitation wood, tiles ... "

In three days, and for 80 to 120 euros per square meter, it completely transforms your interior, your terraces and walkways, breaking the industrial codes too often associated with this coating. It offers you personalized solutions such as rounded shapes or broken angles, or even subtly integrated expansion joints along lines of paving stones or slates.

A know-how that Nicolas Machado plans to expand by offering short-term concrete printed vertical on the walls as well as a little furniture, enough to realize all your creative ideas! Contact : Loire Sols Déco, 57 rue de la Pagerie, 49230 Sèvremoine Telephone: 06 84 08 37 65 Site: www.loire-sols-