I want flowers in my cocktail!

I want flowers in my cocktail!

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Notice to lovers of cocktails and smoothies! This very simple tip will make you the king of the aperitif and arouse murmurs of admiration when serving. How? 'Or' What ? By decorating your glasses with some edible and untreated flowers freshly picked from the garden… We tell you everything!

What flowers to use to decorate cocktails?

All the edible flowers used to embellish and enhance the plates in floral cuisine can be used to decorate glasses and drinks. The only small difference is that they are usually only decorative and that their taste does not necessarily change that of the cocktail. Whether they are picked in the field, in a garden or on the balcony, the only imperative is that they are not treated, under penalty of drinking a cocktail of pesticides and chemicals! Commercial flowers cannot therefore be used, but some are sold in a jar, such as hibiscus flowers. And nothing prevents you from growing these edible flowers on your balcony or your window sill! Among the edible flowers, think of nasturtiums, daylilies, marigolds, but also violet, lavender, hollyhock, mauve, daisy, dahlia, rose ... without forgetting the thoughts!

Some thoughts in glasses of rosé…

How to present the flowers in the glass?

To decorate your drinks (with or without alcohol), you have the choice between two presentations: either the flower is gently placed on the surface, or it is immersed in the liquid. In the first case, it is strictly decorative and must float: it must therefore be placed at the last moment, on pain of seeing it take on water (sorry, the smoothie). This solution is ideal for decorating decanters and salad bowls to share. The other technique is to first place the flower at the bottom of the glass, then fill it. This is the case for the famous recipe for champagne (or tonic) with hibiscus flower. This flower keeps a good hold and it brings a festive air to any sparkling. Another tip: those in a hurry can also prepare flowery ice cubes by sliding a few petals into the ice cube tray!

A hibiscus flower in syrup in a glass of champagne! (Source)

Some recipe ideas tested and validated!

Are you ready to start making flowery drinks for an unforgettable cocktail evening? Start by adding a sprig of lavender in your rosé or a small sprig of rosemary in your green smoothie. Then go pick a pansy and a daisy and float them on your favorite drink, taking care to match the colors by playing with either contrast or tone-on-tone effects.

The decorative detail that sublimates cocktails! (Source)

For example, add a nasturtium to your tomato or watermelon juice, rose petals in a beet smoothie or a strawberry milk (success guaranteed with little princesses), and dare to float a white rose petal on a glass of Red wine ! Revisit the mint and the aromatics, test the hibiscus flower in syrup, add a mauve to your spritz or your orange juice, and improvise according to the flowers you have on hand! Well done, you have become the king of cocktails and smoothies! Attention alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation.

Rose petals, a few ice cubes ... What else? (Source)