Vanity units for your bathroom

Vanity units for your bathroom

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In the bathroom, the sink takes an important place without being always very aesthetic. When you have a traditional sink, know that you can give it a decorative touch thanks to the vanity unit. And you will even gain in storage.

What is a vanity unit?

It is a piece of furniture whose dimensions have been designed to fit most washbasins. Thus the piece of furniture slides under the basin to form a single unit and make the base of the sink disappear. Similarly, this type of furniture has a specific location to let the installation pass. This is why the vanity units have a recess on the rear surface.

The different styles of the sink

Know that you will find as many styles of under-sinks as of bathroom! Indeed, there are traditional pieces of furniture, others which use the codes of the seaside style, which present pop colors or even very refined models. Anyway, the furniture usually has two doors and sometimes a drawer. Depending on the style you want to bring to your bathroom, you choose a rattan or wooden drawer instead. You will be able to store your beauty products but also household linen. Discover our selection of vanity units.