A very natural Christmas decor

A very natural Christmas decor

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Fancy an authentic and warm Christmas spirit? How about bringing nature into your home? A very Nordic style to adopt without delay, combining lights, branches and poetry.

Mother nature in the city

Urban residents, bring nature into your home! As in Northern Europe, we put on a cozy decor. For this no need to have a garden. Far from there ! At Christmas, she is the one who comes to your house! There are two possibilities for this. Take a walk in the woods to collect everything you need to start a nice decoration. Otherwise, go to Alinéa and discover the treasures on offer. Option one: we put on boots and cover up to pick up dead branches, pine cones and other small green mosses that grow at the edge of the woods. Then dry everything thoroughly before using them. Then, we place the branches in large glass vases, we enhance them with Led garlands. Magic, some are even topped with snowflakes (CHRISTMAS LIGHT). On the table, we make compositions with pine cones and moss. We can also embark on the creation of a Christmas wreath. Short on time ? No worries, here is option 2 and its ready-made solutions that perfectly imitate nature. Luminous branches sprinkled with gold (CHRISTMAS LIGHT) and other LED flower branches (CHRISTMAS LIGHT) are waiting for you!

Welcome to woodland animals

In love with the Christmas spirit, go for the wildlife decor and surround yourself with new friends. Coming from the woods, these are harmless and even joyfully regressive. I named the owl, the reindeer, the squirrel but also the owl! To hang in the tree or in the house but also to have on the windowsill, they create a soft and festive atmosphere. To you too, the garlands of wooden stars (WOOD), small wooden decorations like this tree enhanced with LEDs (NATURE SCANDINAVIAN). A natural Christmas is worked in every detail!

Light and shadow games

Last but not least to accentuate the natural spirit of your decor, light remains an important element. During the opening of the gifts, at the table or at Christmas tea time, we add the subdued spirit by betting on small sweet sources. This style of atmosphere is worked with lanterns (long live modern versions with a Led candle!), Candle holders and other candle holders covered with bark or glass (ASTRID). A breath of fresh air in perspective!

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