Animal motifs for all atmospheres

Animal motifs for all atmospheres

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Whether you like animals or not, when it comes to decoration, small and large animals are welcome in the house to assert a style. Since each animal motif corresponds to an atmosphere, let's take stock!

A school of fish to set the marine tone

Think again ! The traditional white and blue stripes are not the only ones to embody the seaside spirit. When small and large fish steal the show, they do breathe a marine flavor inside. Aquatic frieze in the bedroom, a few tiles decorated with finned animals in the bathroom, a series of candles or a tablecloth decorated with schools of fish in the living room: a wide choice that immerses us in the marine world.

The fawn prints, real glamorous touches

Animal motifs on the rise? The animals' coats too. If you want a daring glamorous decor, the fawn leopard style is ideal for waking up a little too wise sofa. Less wild but very fashionable, the "giraffe" imitations give an ethnic air to a room while the zebra stripes, the crocodile or cow skin play the card of the refined chic in the house.

Birds, butterflies and ladybugs for a romantic and Zen atmosphere

When the house wants to be soft and soothing, nothing like surrounding yourself with birdsong, a flutter of butterfly or ladybug wings! By filling up with wallpaper, curtains, stickers, lights, cushions or garlands made up of their patterns, we are sure that the space will be brightened up with subtlety and delicacy.

Farandole of animals in the child's room

As for the children's room, there are no rules for using animal motifs! Because the little ones are the first friends of animals, they also welcome elephants, bears, parrots or dragonflies into their colorful universe of awakening and discovery. When Noah's ark bursts into the room with stickers, slates, bed linen, carpets or furniture… Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"