The Disney universe transforms the bedroom into an imaginary country

The Disney universe transforms the bedroom into an imaginary country

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By betting on the heroes of movies and cartoons preferred by toddlers, the land of dreams is not far away. Knowing that children spend more than half their time in their bedroom, let's take the opportunity to make it a playground that transports them to their imaginary world.

A princess bedroom

A mosquito net or a light curtain hanging over the bed? This is a plus in the decor which delicately echoes the four poster beds of the princesses. But to fill the little girls, Rapunzel, the Princess and the pea, Belle, the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Jasmine take over the space. Whatever the cartoon, Disney heroines invite themselves into the bedroom with a variety of accessories bearing their image: on the walls (stickers, frieze), in space (lamp, armchair, chair) and on the bed thanks to a pretty pink cover.

Disney heroes in the boys' room

Toy Story, Brother of the bears, Ratatouille, Cars, the Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean… Many Disney cartoons and films have become and continue to be a reference for children. When playing, little boys bring toys to life, become pirates or give the names of Cars cars to their own little cars. So that their sources of inspiration are more present in their imaginary world, we surround them with their favorite heroes: in the form of figurines, adorning storage boxes or the treasure chest, or revealing themselves on bed linen, cushions or the alarm clock.
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