Back to basics, back to natural

Back to basics, back to natural

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While the first sunny days already make us dream, the spring cleaning should go with a decorative makeover. Like nature in bloom, the look of the spring season is 100% natural. Wood, braided leather, bamboo, wicker, log: the materials are warm, the interior is fresh and welcoming.

A soft and harmonious vegetable note

We say yes to natural materials that give the house a soft touch. The choice is wide: table, garden chairs, storage basket or decorative accessories. There is like a nomadic and exotic . Note that a green wall, cushions and linens with natural patterns further complement this very harmonious and Zen bias.

Color defies naturalness

In a flutter of wings, the colors reappear. No more gray and dark sky, we fill up with vitamins. The bright shades are ideal for awakening the soft color of natural tones. Yellow, orange, green: it's the return of poetry in a colorful and joyful spirit. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"