Tuto kids: painted pumpkins for Halloween

Tuto kids: painted pumpkins for Halloween

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Halloween pumpkins are very pretty, but when you are not born on the other side of the Atlantic, it is a bit technical to do, especially for children! So at the editorial 'of dé, we decided to test an original Halloween pumpkin tutorial and simpler to make: painted pumpkins. A little acrylic paint, some news: 739807 brushes, a pencil and imagination, and let's go for a great family activity! Cost: around 25 €, including pumpkins (which you can recycle into soup or gratin after Halloween is over!) Duration: 1 hour of realization + 3 hours of drying


You will need: - black, white and golden acrylic paint, - glitter, - a pencil, - scotch tape, - a news item: 739781 cutter or scissors to cut the scotch tape, - a fine brush for the contours, - a large brush to fill in the patterns, - cucurbits (pumpkins what :)) of different species and sizes, - a bowl and a glass to help you draw the patterns and keep the pumpkins straight.


1. Mark out the areas to be painted with scotch tape (for geometric patterns) or by drawing them in pencil (you can use a bowl or a glass to draw certain patterns). Be careful not to press the pencil too hard to avoid piercing the skin of the pumpkins. For the patterns, give free rein to your imagination: rafters, quarters (like on an orange), triangles, etc.

2. Then use acrylic paint to paint over the patterns. If you exceed, do not panic, erase the traces with a damp cloth.

3. On some pumpkins, you can also sprinkle glitter before the paint has finished drying.

4. Repeat on all the pumpkins. You can really do it all! Zebra pumpkin, plain golden, dotted, etc.

5. Finally, you can customize a plain pumpkin with a message that FEARS (or almost), either with black paint or with an indelible marker.


And There you go ! A Halloween decor for the family, easier to make than hollow pumpkins, and just as effective!

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