Small town garden: make way for vertical planting!

Small town garden: make way for vertical planting!

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In your little garden, do you feel lack of greenery? There are, however, a thousand possibilities for vertical planting: plant walls, rectangular tubs, trellised trees, flowers in hanging pots, etc. Put green in the spotlight on all vertical surfaces!

The concept of the green wall

Plant walls, these precious vertical spaces to brighten up confined spaces, have experienced strong development over the past fifteen years. They represent indeed a perfect solution to bring greenery on a facade, a fence, a post ... "This style of planting takes up the concept launched by the botanist Patrick Blanc, explains Stephen Woodhams in his book Stylish urban gardens (Editions Larousse). The green wall is particularly suitable for the aestheticization of places where space is limited, where the earth is so poor that nothing grows there. In places difficult to arrange, it brings life and "creates" the atmosphere. The creation of a green wall is very often a business for professionals: a landscaper can install a whole system of tubs and watering which will create this green façade effect. "Already innovative, green walls are constantly evolving, anchoring their success over the years," continues the author. Thanks to technological advances, the most important installations are managed by computer, with daily inputs of water and fertilizers, which makes it possible to adopt a wide variety of plants. ... Some are equipped with an irrigation system and sometimes with pockets or planters. The plant wall acting as an insulator, it is often used to dress the facades of houses and skylights. "

Practical side: the specifics of these "standing gardens"

"Choose plants suited to the lighting, advises Stephen Woodhams. A sunny exposure offers a varied choice, while the ferns are ideal for shaded or humid places, such as a small urban courtyard. In the lower part of the wall, place species that like shade, like ferns; while upwards, more exposed to the sun, it is necessary to favor plants tolerating a certain drought. "

Plant partition, the plant wall soft version

If you prefer a more classic solution, easier to make with your own hands but just as effective, build one or more plant partitions in your small garden or on your balcony-terrace: this involves installing a fence or trellises, to climb ivy, roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, clematis, bignones ... An idea that can be adapted to a wall (a wall of red bricks ideally, for the charming and vintage side so appreciated aesthetically), or to be created entirely in a corner of the garden that would require a concealment. There is now a wide choice of decorative trellises-panels in classic or design style, aesthetic and practical supports to support the plants rising to the sky. And if you live in a clement region, the principle is also achievable with sedums, these succulents easy to implement and maintain, and whose graphics give character to the most flat and basic surface.

Trellised trees: foster walls

Another alternative that will appeal to lovers of food gardens: trellising trees to create a screen of fruit trees: along a wall, for example, we like the idea of ​​associating a pear, an apple and a vine with climbers floral (see above 'Plant partition'), or even vegetable like climbing beans. It is also possible to add brambles with red trellises also here and there. Result: a vertical vegetable patch and a maxi-gourmet mini-garden!

Hanging or hanging flowers: a DIY plant decoration

In a corridor outside, prefer to pots and planters on the ground plantings in small pots, hung along the wall: a simple way to optimize the least square meter, while decorating and planting all the surfaces that will not be lost. Take inspiration from the facades of Andalusian houses that excel in this area to flower a grid or an entire entrance!

Surround yourself with tall plants

Tall plants like aralias and palm trees immediately give a lush "big garden" effect. If there is enough floor space, install a few planters or XXL containers and plant a few, choosing them already high enough at the nursery. And why not also a chestnut tree and a maple tree to create an impression of 'little forest'? Finally, Japanese horsetail (Equisetum japonicum) looks great in a small vertical garden; the stems of this perennial can go up to 1 meter, and even higher if you plant them in a high tank, why not even perched on a platform! Vertical planting therefore has several advantages: obscuring and privatizing the landscaped place, optimizing the space by keeping the maximum number of square meters on the ground while giving the illusion of a real exuberant garden. And you, what solution would you like to implement?