Cook like a chef

Cook like a chef

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Buoyed by the success of TV shows such as "Top Chef", "Master Chef" or "An almost perfect dinner", the kitchen is in full swing. You can now equip yourself without breaking your entire piggy bank. Follow our tips!

Playing the thin blades

Key tools of any good cook, knives have a primordial role in the good preparation of a dish. Mince or peel vegetables, raise fish fillets or even chop meat ... We don't use any blade for any purpose! So the ideal is to have in your kitchen a block including 5 knives responding to the most classic uses and available from 50 € (METEOR, KIMONO). Even more accessible, there are boxes containing 2 or 3 knives (CIRO, MANGO, TRANSITION), from € 15. Do not forget the famous cutting board so as not to damage your work plan. In polypropylene (ERIN), marble (ALAN), wood (ALEXIS) or bamboo (LITAN), everyone has their own style and material!

Mission: perfect cooking

Cast iron, Teflon, stoneware or porcelain… each material corresponds to a specific firing! With a cast iron casserole dish (INVICTA), you can simmer tasty dishes from around the world for a long time and over low heat. Navajo lamb, pork with Chinese sauce, colombo with sweet potatoes or chicken with mushrooms, everything is fine! Ideal, this material adapts to all cooking energies (gas, glass-ceramic, induction). In an XXL stainless steel baking dish with Teflon coating (HANK), you can cook your family's oven! Choice of: pasta or vegetable gratins, lasagna or fish. Be careful, however, not to damage the coating during service, remember to use suitable spatulas. Finally, the traditional stoneware dishes and versatile (BATISTA) will easily go from the oven to the table, but will also go to the microwave and even the freezer. For salty or sweet, the sandstone is very suitable for soft cakes such as clafoutis, flans with pears or fondants with apples. Remember to butter them beforehand! Finally to make terrines like a chef, we take out the porcelain boxes with dish, shoe and graduation (GOOSE). We follow the recipe well and we control the degree of cooking with a kitchen thermometer . The probe (TITO), with digital display (CESAR) or in the form of a spatula (BILL), is the essential ally for successful cooking at the heart of the meat, the temperature of the chocolate, while respecting the chain of cold.

The essential battery

Finally, amateur or passionate cook, what would your kitchen be without a real battery? From the saucepan with lid, to the pan, the Dutch oven and the caterer, all in different sizes, it is essential when cooking a real meal from A to Z. Meat or fish, sauce, dessert and vegetables, each ingredient has its container! We love the cookware from the brand made in France Sitram (ST GERMAIN range), whose thickness of the stainless steel bottom is suitable for all fires. In addition, its interior liter marking proves to be very practical in use. To offer yourself or to be offered before sitting down to eat!

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