Home cinema in the spotlight

Home cinema in the spotlight

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Barely three weeks before the Cannes Film Festival, it's time to bring cinema into your home. By improvising a dream home theater with a decor inspired by the Croisette, we rediscover all the pleasure of watching films comfortably installed at home. Zoom on a chic layout for all budgets.

The furniture is inspired by cinemas ...

A cinema atmosphere necessarily begins with all red furniture: armchairs, poufs, sofa, curtains and carpets soak up the flagship color of dark rooms. With such an arrangement, you really believe it! This cocoon of red clothed encompasses the room which has become an ultra comfortable place that invites us to watch films. The other option when you have a higher budget? Choose a sofa with modular seats for maximum relaxation and absolute comfort.

… And film sets

To complete the visual alchemy, since cinema is in the spotlight, we decorate everything with the following essential elements: XXL television and speakers. But that's not all ! The must of home cinema is to choose accessories typical of film sets or more vintage like the overhead projector if you have a large white wall, and a few spots to light up the space. Film buffs, you are served! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"