What carpet to choose when you have a cat or a dog?

What carpet to choose when you have a cat or a dog?

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Choose THE right carpet, which warms our decor and resists our pets!

A carpet is very practical when your dog cannot negotiate a place on the sofa (or is not entitled to it). The perfect place to take a nap, while not being too far from your family. But when you have an animal, there are many selection criteria to add, so as not to have unpleasant surprises! Before embarking on the selection of your future carpet, take into account the criteria related to your animal. If you have a dog who tends to scratch the carpet before settling in, a young kitten not yet used to using the litter box, a cat who loves to scratch anywhere ... the choice of carpet is important so that 'it lasts!

Choosing a carpet when you have a cat or a dog: what color?

Some carpet colors and materials wear out faster than others  

In addition to matching the color of your carpet to your decor, you will have to anticipate how your carpet is likely to get dirty (yes, it's inevitable). A walk in the rain, and arrived home, the carpet may take on new colors, not necessarily appreciated. Some will say to you: "whatever, choose a black carpet, it's less messy!" Certainly, it is better to avoid very light colors: any stains will be visible there. But if you have a white cat or dog that is losing its hair, you will have to vacuum it every day! I would rather recommend speckled carpets: the hairs are less visible, and so are the stains. A plain speckled gray rug can do the trick. Carpets with small patterns are also great.

Choose the material of your carpet

Resistant and easy-to-clean carpets for a sophisticated decor  

When choosing the material for your carpet, remember the habits of your animals and small accidents that may happen. If you want your carpet to last, you must also think about the ease of cleaning. We avoid ... A rule of thumb: avoid woolen carpets, which are generally expensive, promote static electricity and are more difficult to clean. We also avoid "loop" or "loop" carpets: if the animal pulls on a thread, a whole row may be deformed. We prefer… One of the solutions valid for all: outdoor rugs. Often more resistant, they wash more easily. You are spoiled for choice: there are sisal, bamboo, natural fibers and also synthetic fibers or nylon. In terms of weaving, prefer very dense wicking or shaggy rugs. If the wicks are pulled because of a claw, no risk: only the pulled wick will be deformed. Do not choose strands that are too long, which would encourage your pet even more to "dig" to settle better. But beware: these rugs do not fit all animals. Some have small habits that require other precautions ...

It all depends on your pet's little fads!

Taking into account the habits of your pet is essential to avoid small accidents  

Do you have a cat that loves to claw? A dog that itches or "digs" before lying down? Forget the coconut, bamboo, sisal, seagrass rugs at all costs! Your cat will probably see a great manicure area there, and will break the fibers quickly. A dog that likes to scratch before lying down also risks damaging the carpet quickly with its claws. Also avoid rugs with ribbed or cotton-woven effects: they may deform and be damaged if your pet itches, "makes its place" and always sleeps in the same place. Cotton woven rugs or a very dense short wicking rug will do just fine. You are dealing with a "pro spots" Whether your pet still has a little education in cleanliness to do, a few accidental vomits or that he loves to taste his bones or prey on the carpet, spots are your worst enemies! In this case, prefer an indoor / outdoor carpet, for example woven polypropylene or bamboo strips. Washable directly with water and sponge (even with a brush), they are very practical to clean. You can also opt for a cotton carpet that goes into the machine, provided you have a good stain remover. If you fear urine accidents on the carpet, avoid sisal or seagrass carpets: the smell will be difficult to remove. You have an animal with long hair or which loses its hair Obviously, nothing can replace a good vacuum cleaner! But on some carpets, it is easier to clean the hair. With a cotton woven carpet, you will know less about the problem of "stubborn hairs", linked to static electricity. Sisal or seagrass rugs are also a good option, as are bamboo slats. On speckled carpets with short wicks, the hairs will not be very visible. On the other hand, for cleaning, make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner!

What about the budget?

Should we favor a quality carpet and put the price to make it last, or choose an inexpensive carpet, even if it means changing it earlier? Be careful, just because you are investing a large sum does not mean that your carpet will be more resistant! A very expensive carpet, in wool for example, will be less resistant than a carpet in synthetic fibers or sisal, at a price 4 times lower! I therefore advise you to invest less than 150 euros for a carpet, you will already find very good carpets below 100 euros. And now, you have all the keys in hand to choose your carpet. For a warmer space for you and your pets!