Smartly design your garage

Smartly design your garage

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The garage quickly turns into a junk shop, so much so that sometimes you don't even get in the car. Small manual for intelligent and rational arrangement of space.

A space for my car

Before fitting out your garage, park your vehicle there. If your garage is tight, tighten your car to the passenger side wall. This will free up more space on the other side space, along its entire length. If your garage is long enough, also arrange the bottom. If you lack both length and width, you can still tap the ceiling.

A decorative floor

Nothing like playing with the color of the floor to transform your gray garage into a pleasant space. There are special paints and colored epoxy resins that are easily applied to a concrete floor. Your garage will look happy. In addition, it will be easier to clean with a mop.

Well thought out storage

Make sure nothing is lying on the ground. It is not very hygienic and moreover, you risk driving it with your car. Prefer industrial lockable metal cabinets, in which you can for example place toxic products (weed killer, bleach ...). Also install steel or wooden shelves, which you will have depending on the space available but also on the size of the users (children, adults). There are also very practical grids with hooks to hang all kinds of things: bucket, tools, ironing board, drying rack ...

If the garage is used for laundry…

So be very strict in terms of hygiene. Install shelves above the washing machine and possibly the dryer, on which you can place the laundry baskets. A rod to hang hangers on can also be very practical. You will hang there for example the freshly washed shirts but also, on rainy days, the coats and raincoats wet. Please note, in the garage, large appliances must be earthed. The washing machine and dryer must not be connected to the same outlet.

A space for everything

Avoid mixing things up. This will make it easier for you to find them. At the entrance to the garage, place the least clean products, such as paint cans, solvents, DIY and gardening equipment. As for the laundry space, it will be more in place at the back of the garage, far from the exhaust. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"