Rocking chairs pass through the garden

Rocking chairs pass through the garden

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A rocking chair for your relaxing breaks in the garden

Long seen as old-fashioned furniture, the rocking chair has been back in the spotlight for a few years, and that's good! Because not take advantage of their effect of very relaxing pendulum (which unlike the hammock hanging in the air, makes us keep our feet on the ground) is a pure mess. To read, chat or simply take a moment of rest outside, the rocking chair is THE dream furniture!

And because this particular armchair is above all a story of comfort, do not hesitate to dress it with cushions, or even a small blanket to protect yourself from the wind…

How to choose the right rocking chair?

It's been a few years since the rocking chair has regained popularity in both salons and gardens. So, faced with the plethora of choices offered by stores and online stores, it can be difficult to stop at a particular model. Here are some important criteria to consider when choosing a rocking chair:

  • Comfort. Logic: a rocking chair is a chair dedicated to relaxation, in which you intend to let yourself be lulled and surely doze quietly in your garden in the sun. This is why a good rocking chair must imperatively have a comfortable seat, support your back well in all positions, and have fairly wide armrests.
  • Design. A outdoor rocking chair, even if it is used above all to offer you incredible moments of nap, will still participate in the decoration of the garden! No question therefore of favoring only comfort over design, because your rocking chair must be in harmony with your exterior decoration. Choose its style according to your other garden furniture to avoid it denoting.
  • Solidity. A garden rocking chair is a piece of furniture that you will want to use as soon as the weather is fine: it must therefore be robust enough to hold over the years without being damaged, deformed or broken. The structure of a good rocking chair must therefore be sufficiently solid; also remember to check the maximum load it can hold, especially if you have children who can climb on more than one…

Rocking chairs for all styles

The rocking chair takes on a new youth and renews its style! Also, everyone will find their happiness according to the atmosphere you want to bring to your garden. Start with the choice of materials: rattan will play the natural card and a vintage twist, wood will bring its timeless style to your exterior, wicker will be perfect for a classic style. If you are looking to create a more contemporary atmosphere, you can opt for a fabric rocking chair, but beware: it is forbidden to leave a fabric rocking chair in the garden in the rain! Conversely, the metal rocking chair is ideal for giving a modern side to your terrace, and it can withstand bad weather!
Note that the mix of materials is also trendy and that you will find models where wood and fabric blend perfectly with metal.

Then think about the color because there again, you will have the choice: some armchairs play the card of the pep's in the garden with yellow, orange or neon pink, others will be more traditional with green or red while energizing your exterior. Know that gray and natural tones will be perfect for a natural atmosphere but also contemporary or very design.