How to choose your corner sofa

How to choose your corner sofa

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Because it is the witness of our receptions with friends, of our TV sets or sometimes of the quality of our sleep, the choice of a corner sofa is reflected. There are many innovations to make the corner sofa the right choice of furniture while focusing on functionality and modularity. Between design, comfort and practicality, Déco.fr tells you everything to find the ideal sofa: yours! Here are the five essential points to choose your corner sofa with confidence.

The corner sofa: a popular model

The corner sofa is attracting more and more consumers today. Its purchase is often motivated by its aesthetics and practicality. Contemporary, it finds its place in all interior styles. It is also a versatile piece of furniture with more seats than traditional sofas. Its "L" arrangement offers the possibility of a user-friendly arrangement.

A surface adapted to your room

Define the location of your future corner sofa and choose it according to the space you have. Some specialists on the sofa market also offer custom manufacturing. In medium rooms: place the corner in a corner so that the sofa runs along the walls without cluttering the space. Some models have a length that does not exceed 1.80 m by 1.30 m wide. In a larger living room, it can allow you to divide your room in half to create separate universes.

A convertible or fixed sofa?

It all depends on your needs. If you don't need an extra bed, receive little or have a spare bedroom, choose a fixed sofa. On the other hand, if you need additional bedding, the convertible sofa is essential. Focus on the quality of the mattress. Those in foam will bring you a minimum of comfort, the bultex will give you a good comfort and the latex an optimum comfort with 60 kg / m3. The thickness of the mattress should be between 8 and 12 cm.

Price question

You will find corner sofas, entry level, between 400 and 700 €. The standard range is from 800 to 1,500 € for intermediate quality sofas which are a good alternative if you do not register for a long-term purchase. On the other hand, for a quality product that will last over time, count more than € 1,500.

A coating adapted to your needs

With an endless variety of patterns and colors, fabric corner sofas dominate the market. Ideally, choose a fully removable model for easy maintenance or opt for a fabric with a Scotchgard or Teflon coating. More expensive, leather is positioned as the top of the range covering for sofas. Resistant to the test of time, a damp cloth will suffice for its maintenance. If you wish to have the advantages of leather but do not have the adequate budget, opt for imitation leather.

Quality materials for a comfortable and resistant sofa

The most resistant structures are made of reinforced solid wood such as beech, maple or pine. For the seat, choose a firmness with a minimum density of 30 to 35 kg / m3 or even a density greater than 45 kg / m3 to guarantee quality comfort.

The reversible corner sofa

If the format of the corner sofa appeals to the spirit of conviviality it brings, one can sometimes hesitate in the face of its somewhat imposing format, especially if one wishes to change the layout of your living room after a few years. Do not panic, the brands have thought of everything and today offer reversible sofas so that you no longer have to choose between left or right angles. You choose according to the layout of your living room at time T and can change the place of the angle whenever you want.

Make room for modularity

With the modular corner sofas, you create the combination that suits you! The sofa is broken down into autonomous modules that you mix according to the surface of your living room. On many models, you can now even mix the coverings for a very mismatched corner sofa. It's the right option, right in today's lifestyles hungry for personalization and modularity!

Smart sofas

And if you took advantage of your corner sofa to increase the number of smart hiding places and storage spaces. Ok, your corner sofa takes up more space than a 3-seater sofa, but it has many storage boxes that allow you to save space in your living room, a good compromise! Decorative ideas, photos and advice around the sofa: How to choose your sofa, mistakes to avoid and choice of cushions. Other articles on the subject:Which corner sofa to choose, right angle or chaise longue? How to structure your living room with a corner sofa?