5 ideas for screens to subtly separate a room

5 ideas for screens to subtly separate a room

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The screen is a decorative asset which also has the advantage of being very practical. Indeed, thanks to it, it is possible to delimit spaces but also to have a little privacy. There are many models, so you can choose a screen that matches your personality and that meets your decorative desires. Need ideas? Here are 5 screens to subtly separate a room.

1. A screen granted to the furniture

The screen is infinitely available. It is found in particular in all types of wood. So you can choose a screen that matches your furniture or, if possible, from the same collection. Thus, the separation will be more harmonious just like the decor. Note that if you can't find a screen that matches your furniture, you can opt for a rough wood model and apply a varnish to the color of your furniture or even paint your screen.

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2. A fabric screen

We have just told you about the screens that match furniture, note that you can also find screens that adapt to your furnishing fabrics or your household linen. And yes ! Some screens are made of fabric. They then become real decorative assets because you can choose the colors or the patterns. By opting for a white fabric, you create a separation that lets light through. You can also mix the patterns, choose floral or geometric fabrics or even work on a monochrome. Natural colors are also very appreciated!

3. A plant screen

To separate a kitchen or, in the master suite, a bathroom from a bedroom, you can choose a plant screen. This can contain real plants that must be maintained. But by choosing well, you can make this screen a lung in your home. If you do not have a green thumb but the idea tempts you, choose artificial plants! On the other hand, dust them regularly and make them shine so that they look real.

4. A "ladder" screen

The ladder screen can be very interesting for subtly separating a room. Indeed, it is fully customizable! You can put fabric on it and change it as you wish. You can also use this screen to store your plaids in a very useful way, or even insert string lights or a seasonal decoration. Up to you !

5. A screen with Moroccan accents

When we think of the screen, we always imagine the one that we all know and that makes us travel to the Maghreb. This screen is the most popular and stands out as a decorative asset in your home. Generally made of wood and a fairly dark shade, it is warm and separates two spaces in style. Of course, nothing prevents you from personalizing them! And you ? Which screen will you choose for your interior?