Entertaining in small spaces: the guide!

Entertaining in small spaces: the guide!

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Mission of the day: to receive in a small space with smart furniture and in tune with the times! Far from being impressed by the lack of space, Alinéa went in search of functional ideas and trends to receive brilliantly in small spaces ... Read more!

Sit down!

Why deprive yourself of the pleasure of hosting in small spaces when there are a multitude of practical and ingenious solutions? Unavoidable, the foldable furniture push the limits of your small space. At aperitif time, unfold the BOSLEY stools in festive colors and spread out nesting tables over their entire length. The evening can begin! Are your square meters counted? Install two coffee tables on a large carpet and you have a trendy dinner in the colors of the Orient! Comfortably seated on floor cushions or some poufs , your guests are delighted to change their habits to engrave your evening in the anthology ... Successful indoor bet!

At table !

Having a small space does not prevent you from having big ideas ... To receive without sacrificing your living space, bet on a extendable table like LEONIE. Its two butterfly extensions hidden under its rounded beveled song tray make it possible to transform a one-on-one dinner into a large, stylish and festive table. Add to that a bench to gather a maximum of guests and now your friends with spacious lounges envy your know-how in terms of convivial receptions!

Are you dealing with an area that is too limited to fit a dining table? Cunning using two in one furniture like an extendable console table meal that you can fold and store against a wall once the evening is over. To transform a living room into a dining room, the GET UP lifting table is there. In a jiffy, this multi-position table meets all your needs: improvised aperitif, organized meal and aperitif-dinner… And your small reception area has everything you need!

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