Paving for my terrace

Paving for my terrace

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Easy maintenance, excellent resistance over time, decorative appearance: all the reasons are good for adopting a paving on the terrace outside.

A multiple variation of paving

Clip-on or placed on sand, the tiles are known for their ease of installation. But their strengths don't stop there! Weatherproof, impact and trampling resistant, the slab terraces are above all non-slip and easy to maintain. The most of this choice? By varying and mixing the colors, the laying styles (length, chessboard to form a checkerboard or grid and diagonally), dimensions and materials (concrete, wood, reconstituted natural stone, polypropylene, aluminum, grass, etc.). ) of these large plates, we create a personalized and resolutely decorative terrace. The choice of exterior flooring is based on practicality and aesthetics in harmony with the interior design bias.

Choose your slab format

Traditionally square, 20 or 30 cm on a side, today we see the appearance of indoor floors, xxl tile formats of 60x60cm or rectangular tiles, most often 30x60 cm and 45x90 cm which provide true modernity. Remember that the larger the tiles, the more space they give to the terrace.

Nature-like tiles

Do you want to give your exterior a natural look without the inconvenience of maintenance over time? So choose wood effect tiles, either in composite wood whose maintenance and solidity are proven or in reconstituted natural stone. Do you want greenery? The grass tiles are made for you and allow you to structure your soil in a very clever way. For a pebble terrace, opt for assembled pebble tiles that fit together.

Luminous tiles for a night terrace

An ingenious creation, certain coatings incorporate a light system. Spots are inserted into the tiles to define a path, a space. Another variation, the paving is entirely luminous and contributes to creating an enlightened staging of your terrace. The summer evenings thus sublimated have a certain charm thanks to these very practical and innovative tiles.

Fall for the cement tiles outside

Do you like the trend of cement tiles? Today, it is possible to find these tiles for the exterior. In porcelain stoneware and graphic designs, they bring an urban and cosmopolitan look to your floor. In a smooth version for indoors and non-slip for outdoors, opt for a very decorative floor unit from the living room to the terrace!