For a hairless sink

For a hairless sink

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I heard that today was women's rights day, which is pretty good because I am going to respond here effectively to one of her most basic rights: the right not to have hair in her bathroom sink ! It is accepted that the woman does not put hairs in the sink, if we put aside the bearded woman obviously. We will also pass over the hair in the shower because today, March 8, we did not say that it was the day of the man who cleaned the shower. We too know how to be unjust when it is necessary! It was not until 2011 (the 21st century I say) that we finally created a beard trimmer with integrated suction system. It is said that "we do not stop progress" but sometimes we also wonder if progress does not deserve a few kicks in the buttocks.

So ladies, treat yourself and give the Philips QT4070 to your spouse. Or, gentlemen, please us and invest in the Philips QT4070 for our greatest pleasure. For a hairless world in the sink, for a better world! Philips QT4070, suction beard trimmer, from € 77.