Back to school like clockwork

Back to school like clockwork

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To allow us to constantly rearrange our spaces or even to vacuum more easily; furniture on casters have only advantages, discover the essentials.

Nomad shelves

Follower of the trendy and practical decor , here the nomad shelf KUBICO ! It becomes mobile thanks to its set of 5 casters to be installed on the bodies of customizable furniture from the KUBICO range. Depending on your mood and the guests who stay sleeping, you can hang it against a wall or set it up in the middle of the living room to partition the space with style and fluidity. It's up to you to invent the uses according to your imagination, your needs and your desires!

A mobile office

No style resists the wheels, not even that of the VEGAS desk with metallic decor inspired by mechanic workshops. Armed with its 4 wheels (including 2 with brakes), it moves effortlessly from one end of your interior to the other to renew your decor as you wish. To stay at the heart of the trend, make it coexist with vintage style furniture, including leather, steel or even raw wood pieces. An atmosphere both studious and retro, yes it is possible!

A traveling box

To facilitate the start of the school year and to keep order in its courses, nothing like a roller cabinet ! We love the metallic style and the choice of colors for the POPPY range of roller casings. Slip under the desk for a optimized storage or to reappear in the room for an evening of revisions before D-day of the exams.

A wandering office chair

Finally, think of an office chair on wheels to move effortlessly from the office to the printer. Thanks to its armrests, its swivel and ergonomic seat and its 4 casters, the LEANDRE office chair allows your child to find inspiration between two math exercises. Between comfort and storage, back to school starts well for your children and you are free to rethink their office at any time.

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