These practical objects that make everyday life easier

These practical objects that make everyday life easier

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Small, discreet, and sometimes even invisible, certain everyday objects are there to make our life easier. They help us organize, alone or with family, to unclutter our closets or even better focus on our task. Zoom on these nomad accessories that make everyday life easier.

A family calendar in the kitchen

What is special about the Wall memo Calendar from Ich & Kar? It's empty. No pre-registered dates or holidays, but total freedom of creation. Start your calendar on the date of your choice and leave it within the reach of the whole family to mark events and other important appointments. Arrange a few markers not far from the calendar and make room for creativity! The Wall Memo Calendar can be found at the Bring France Home store (13 rue d'Ormesson - 75004 Paris) or on the internet. Price: 24.90 euros.

A sticker for your tablet

Does Snatch-Me mean anything to you? This house specializing in trendy geek design offers curious stickers to be placed everywhere (in the car, on the fridge, on the wall ...) to securely attach a tablet or smartphone. An invention that takes funny and colorful shapes to keep your devices upright (practical when cooking!). From 9 euros here.

A wall organizer in the entrance

You do not want to clutter your work plans with small utility accessories, or you do not have the place to install a piece of furniture dedicated to this use in the entrance? Choose a wall organizer to store keys, pencils, pads of paper and other shopping lists. Easy to install (with the screws provided), the magnetic organizer blends into the decor without obstructing the passage. The Pocket Strip organizer is available from 32 euros.

Its own display panel in the room

A roll of cork that can be cut to size to create your own adhesive cork display panel. What could be better ? Creatives will appreciate the possibility of imagining as many shapes as there are geometric figures that can accommodate - thanks to thumbtacks - vacation memories, photos, sticky notes… A bold ribbon by Thabto available at a price of 21 euros 95 here.

A computer tray in the living room

If you like surfing the internet or working on your computer, your sofa or in your bed, this accessory will interest you. This tray with deformable and washable Harald Hynell cushion allows you to comfortably rest your computer. The integrated pillow, 100% cotton, ensures maximum stability. Price: 57 euros.

Cable traps for the office

USB cables, smartphone, laptop ... So many wires that slide from your desk throughout the day and end up on the floor. To avoid the predictable backache, BlueLounge has designed the cable clip. A discreet and sober accessory that has the merit of being practical without taking up space. Count 12 euros.