Give a design style to the balcony for 350 euros

Give a design style to the balcony for 350 euros

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Enough plastic chairs, teak and especially the traditional balcony! What we want for our exterior is DESIGN thanks to an envelope of 350 euros!

Playing on forms

We reinvent our exterior and allow ourselves a modern atmosphere within a defined budget! For the forms, we prefer the geometric aspect with angles or rounded shapes which will bring sobriety and elegance. A few pops of pop colors will awaken the strict side of the dominant black and white. To satisfy your desire for modernity of the balcony, no need to make tons of it, the sober and refined lines characterize the design style. So if you doubt, avoid unnecessary accumulation and focus on the essential: the simplicity of the forms!

Contemporary ambiance on the balcony

For the furniture, the wired aspect is declined under various aspects: in polypropylene wire for the comfort of an armchair with round lines or in colored metal for the duo of Ikea stools. A pretty hexagonal coffee table to choose from in a wide range of colors will dress your aperitif corner. We sit on pretty stackable chairs, net spirit, Italian design. On the decorative side, the cushions with multicolored geometric patterns combine comfort and aesthetics. A lantern with clean lines and luminous cubes will light up the atmosphere during your moments of relaxation. We also think of giant flower pots and mini vases for the natural touch! Discover our selection to dress a design balcony with 350 euros:

1. Circle stacking chair € 49 Casa / 2. High anthracite flower pot € 25 Amazon / 3. Geometric cotton and linen cushion cover € 9.80 Light In The Box / 4. Batimex cordless led cube € 46.40 La Redoute / 5. Warren black metal lantern 39.99 € Maisons du Monde / 6. Härö-Västerön table and stools 40 € Ikéa / 7. Gray Kaleido tray 21 € Made In Design / 8. White and gray ceramic vase 19 , 95 € Truffaut / 9. Design coffee table 48,90 € Private Floor / 10. Orange design chair Filet 46,20 € So Factory