The accessories of a successful TV set!

The accessories of a successful TV set!

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Because it is sometimes pleasant to eat in front of the TV to treat yourself to a DVD evening, the accessories to make a gourmet tray are essential. Their mission: to be as practical as possible to maximize your comfort.

Adapted accessories

First, choose a tray worthy of the name! Some models offer legs to form a small table above your knees and others have practical handles to carry it from the kitchen to the sofa. Finally, the end of the sofa convertible into an independent tray remains the ideal in terms of functionality and aesthetics!

Practical dishes

Then remember to choose dishes that are not too fragile because you are never safe from dropping your tray by mistake. Also, why not opt ​​for melamine tableware? This plastic, both very decorative and pleasant to use, has the advantage of not being scratched in contact with the blade of the knife. There are also very practical dishes designed for snacking. You will find, for example, glasses whose underside is covered with a non-slip coating so as not to slip off the tray or even plates with several compartments so as not to multiply the dishes. Ikea has thus launched a set called Mixtur, composed of several ramekins that can be used as oven dishes, or as simple aperitif dishes. Complete your dishes with pretty paper towels and suitable accessories, to be drawn from the special dinner aperitif department: the sausage guillotine or the cheese set will make cutting easier without having to go back to the kitchen.

A liftable coffee table

Finally, if you are a fan of meals in the living room, bet on a liftable coffee table. It is a traditional coffee table with a tray that you can raise so that the table is at your height when you are seated on the sofa. Enough to enjoy TV sets in a very comfortable way ... Discover our selection for your TV sets:

1. Byllan tray € 20 Ikea / 2. Sausage guillotine € 79.90 Cuizine & Co / 3. Appetizer and cheese set € 34.80 La Redoute / 4. Ramekins / Mixtur oven dishes € 7.99 Ikea / 5. Dorothée tray € 11.90 Auchan / 6. Lot of 4 colored glasses € 11.49 La Redoute / 7. End table / White tray € 139 Interior Discount / 8. Jellies salad bowl by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell € 75 Voltex / 9. Paper napkins € 3.59 Je Table / 10. Tray + 3 porcelain cups € 16.90 Delamaison