Choose trendy accessories to decorate your kitchen

Choose trendy accessories to decorate your kitchen

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The kitchen is, without exaggeration, the meeting place for the whole family and gourmets. Often visited, it is a piece that has changed over time and with technological developments. Sometimes independent, sometimes open to the living room, all styles are allowed: Scandinavian or industrial, everyone has their own way of thinking about their cuisine.

Which brands to choose for trendy kitchen accessories?

Even if it is true that the first qualities of a kitchen lie in its practicality, the fact remains that sporting a trendy decoration through kitchen utensils or opt for a completely offbeat look with Always more original accessories than the others, will arouse astonishment on the part of your guests, while giving your kitchen an incomparable charm, a singularity where life will be good.

Some brands quickly understood their interest and worked in the manufacture ofpractical and decorative kitchen accessories. On the canvas and in tableware stores, these objects abound on the shelves, you will be spoiled for choice.

If you want to get a concrete opinion before any purchase, just visit sites writing complete articles on various kitchen accessories, food processors, mixers, juice extractors, everything goes. The most famous of them is Cuistolab, it is the first site of cookware test. However, to help you, we will give you a small summary of the main brands available on this market and tested by Cuistolab.

To begin, Alessi, Italian manufacturer who innovates by offering functional everyday objects and designs for relatively low prices considering the quality.

We cannot miss KitchenAid, famous American brand specializing in household appliances. Their robots, both robust and efficient, are also decorative objects in their own right. Indeed, the care given to the finishes and materials gives them perfect lines that adapt to all kinds of decorations. As proof, most of the robots of this brand are available in various colors: orange, empire red, pastel yellow, cream, pale pink.

There are also more affordable brands that can do well, such as Lidl's Silvercrest and Aicok, whose teapots and corkscrews never cease to surprise us.

Thus, associations, which were once impossible, are now becoming possible: everyday objects, without losing their functionality, go with a whole decorative universe.

What materials to use for his utensils?

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Strictly speaking, there is no more trendy material than another. However, keeping consistency between kitchen furniture and utensils can make all the difference. For example, if you want to match your accessories with an industrial style, certain materials will be more suitable, such as iron, aluminum or stainless steel, to name just a few.

For a more refined and soothing style with a dominant of wood and white, such as the Scandinavian style, then natural wood materials are recommended. However, get out of the box and mix styles can just as well produce the expected effect. Iterating seems to be the best way to avoid disappointments and unfortunate associations.

Decorative kitchen accessories and space saving

Who can never complain about a kitchen that is too small? Often, including when the kitchen initially seems to be a reasonable size, the first lamentations are quick to arrive before the accumulation of objects and food to store.

Fortunately, manufacturers took the niche early enough to offer us a multitude of clever objects making our lives easier optimizing the place, enough to find a smile!

Practical objects

Let's start with the mug. This small object that each of us has received as a gift at least once in our life, whether for a birthday or a holiday souvenir. If we multiply by the number of occupants of the house, it is a real ordeal to get them all sorted. It was without counting on a clever kitchen accessory, the mug tree. Like a coat rack, just hang your mugs by the hanse from the branches of the tree and voila!

The two-in-one object is also a solution to save space. For example, cutting boards with an integrated colander are all the rage in kitchens. Cutting vegetables requires taking out several objects for the same task, which is a drawback, especially since the work surface is not extendable. With this type of accessory, you will simply have to wedge the board with the colander integrated on your sink, once the vegetables have been cut, you can easily transfer them to the colander to rinse them.

The little extras at your fingertips

When we cook, we need to have everything we need at our disposal. This is the case with spices in particular. Depending on what you like to prepare as a dish, it is quite common to see in the kitchen a dozen different spices and herbs. In order to avoid this clutter, you can find racks, design spice racks of all the colors and materials that can easily match your decor.

Finally, much more than a simple accessory or utensil, you can transform your walls very well so that you can store any object in it. Indeed, modular perforated panels exist in wood, iron and stainless steel. A bit like a garage where you store your tools as desired, this panel uses the same codes and allows, by attaching coat hooks and shelves, to customize its needs. You could very well have an aromatic plant there, with marble pots, a ceramic teapot. Again, this is a lower cost solution that will allow you tooptimize space in your kitchen.