Gardening kits for gardening in the city: our selection

Gardening kits for gardening in the city: our selection

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Cultivating your garden is an activity to which a large majority of French people aspire. But gardening skills or the space dedicated to the green spaces of the house are sometimes an obstacle. Fortunately, the new gardening kits and miniature greenhouses are there to help us! With their adapted size and nomadic format, they allow us to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers freely!

A suitable tool

Gardening on your balcony or terrace, this is an option considered by more and more French people living in apartments. But tools dedicated to gardening are often bulky and impractical to handle and store in a small space. This is why many brands now offer kits including a shovel, a fork, a transplanter, pruning shears and sometimes even metallic reference labels. The principle ? Small products for gardening on small surfaces, to place, to place against a wall or to carry on the belt for some models. We also discover planters adapted to urban spaces, such as those of the Bacsac brand: the brand's designers have imagined intelligent batyline containers that respect the natural balance between air, earth and water. Square or round, small or XXL in size, they adapt to the often narrow format of balconies. At affordable prices (from 25 euros), these city products are available in vegetable plots, classic pots or indoor planters.

Containers for the kitchen or balcony

Another concept developed by the Dutch brand Hema, themed vegetable kits, sold at low prices: seeds, potting soil and maintenance tips, everything is available in these small packs to add a touch of green in your interior without having to run gardening signs. It only remains to choose the content, namely vegetables (zucchini, carrots ...), flowers or spices! Other thematic kits are available at Nature et Découverte such as the fresh herbs, soup vegetables, edible flowers or old tomatoes kit. To grow all these pretty seeds, nothing like an indoor vegetable patch with tubs and sometimes LEDs! The Kydra / Växer (culture of flavor) series imagined by Ikea offers indoor planters to place on the kitchen worktop or in a bright corner of the house. Thanks to the technique of hydroponics, you can grow your plants without soil, with a minimum of water, fertilizers and additives.

1. Mini Oubo gardening greenhouse, hydro shoot box all in one 135 € Amazon / 2. Indoor vegetable garden White Herbie (6 plants) 119.90 € Amazon / 3. Belt, hanging pouch and gardening kit 5.39 € Bang Good / 4. Vegetable planter for balcony or terrace € 95.04 Range Stock / 5. Kyddra Växer growing set, 2 levels, 16 cells € 150.44 Ikea / 6. Tray of 7 herbs to grow in the kitchen € 29.95 Nature and Discovery / 7. Kit including a jute bag, potting soil and seeds for growing blueberries € 7 Hema / 8. Aromatic herb trio € 8 Hema / 9. Tool and gardening kit 25 , € 89 Amazon / 10. Green Basics grow set € 15.20 Cémonjardin