The winning festive tables of the Tableware Grand Prix

The winning festive tables of the Tableware Grand Prix

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Since September 10, 2010, more than 600 individuals and professionals have tried their luck to become the big winner of the 2010 Tableware Grand Prix. The final took place on November 27 in Paris: here are the two winners! After the six regional stages and the two semi-finals in Lille and Bordeaux, the Paris final gave way to two winners: Sandrine Gandon in the "individuals" category and Sophie Roux in the "professionals" category. These two tables, considered to be the most original and creative, were awarded by a jury specializing in decoration and design trends.

Sandrine Roux's table

The winner chose a combination of white and red to suggest the holiday season. It is a simple table that combines elegance and conviviality. On the accessorization side, she has placed gold and brown Christmas balls and a wooden garland for a natural touch.

Sophie Roux's table

The winner of the professional category chose to marry white, gold and very pale blue which gives a frosted appearance. She used cotton to surround the table for a very snowy finish. To contrast, gold-colored branches adorn the side of the table with a few balls. It's up to you to choose your style and get inspired!